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7 Science-Based Health Advantages of Drinking Enough Water


Water & Life:

The human body contains almost 70% of the water that is a huge portion. It is recommended to drink almost 8 glasses of pure and healthy water in a day. The 8×8 rule carries huge value for the people having the water shortage in their bodies. They must adopt this rule and increase water intake to reach their ideal fitness level. In the following, 7 science-based benefits of drinking enough water are given with detail.

1- Water Boosts Physical Performance:

Hydration and dehydration both are opposite things. If a person gets dehydrated, it will suffer him from many health problems and poor physical performance. In fact, hydration is the best thing to do against the bad physical performance and movement. Dehydration happens when you work in high temperature, heat is around you, outdoor activities in the sunshine and physical workouts. If the water content of your body decreases up to 2%, then it becomes an alarming situation. Sweat is a more common human waste that affects the water level in the human body.

Athletes and sportsmen may lose the water content of their bodies up to 6-10% during a game or exercises. Consistent intake of water with the help of 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle will prevent dehydration and solve the performance issues. When you are drinking water 2.5 liters to 3 liters a day with normal activities, it will minimize the dehydration possibilities. The athletes and professional sportsmen drink water from 3.7 to 4 liter a day that is really a huge quantity. They drink plenty of water to stay hydrated that influences their physical performance and activeness directly.

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2- Water, Energy Level & Brain Functions:

Water is the most reliable, strongest and best to keep the human body hydrated. In fact, when your body is completely hydrated, it will produce more quantity of energy regularly. Secondly, water has a direct relationship with the energy level in the body and brain functions. The energy is an integral thing to execute different functions and operations in the body. Energy also runs brain functions and develops the physical stamina and fitness level.

Further, water makes the respiratory system more active and efficient to create energy that is consumed in many important tasks. On the other side, water balances the fluids, hormones and other elements in the body that are compulsory to maintain brain health. The sound health of a brain will promote its functions, performance, and activeness. Dehydration affects the mood, brain performance, and the memory. On the other side, if you carry 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle and drink regularly, it will maintain hydration that will work opposite to dehydration.

3- Water Prevents Headache:

Dehydration causes a headache that may be chronic if you don’t get proper treatment. However, it is easier and better for you to drink water excessively to prevent as well as treat a headache. Consistent supply of water with the help of 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle will keep your body hydrated that will prevent a headache.


4- Water Prevents Constipation:

Lack of water supply will cause the thickness of fluids and complications in the digestion system. Later on, the bowel movement will be a bit difficult that further creates issues in passing stool. Anyhow, the dehydration will also lead to constipation that is the believed as the mother of a number of stomach ailments and infections. Anyhow, it is costless to treat the digestion issues and constipation. If you drink almost a gallon of water in a day regularly, then you will never experience constipation as well as stool difficulty. Carbonated water is very best to treat and prevent constipation.

5- Water and Kidney Stones:

Urinary and kidney stones become bigger and thicker over the time. It happens due to insufficient drinking, a quick fall in water content in the body, consumption of sodium and the use of fast foods. All these things form the stones that will keep developing and becoming bigger over the time. Basically, consistent intake of pure, distilled and healthy coldest water can be the strongest remedy. It resists the formation of kidney stones, while the water can crush and discharge the stones through urine. The habit of drinking water excessively will prevent the stones in kidneys and urinary.

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6- Water Treats Hangovers:

Hangover is a condition, as well as one of the most unpleasant symptoms, happened after drinking alcohol. By nature, alcohol is a diuretic and the people consider it a type of water/liquid to keep the body hydrated. In fact, alcohol is a drug that has its negative effects on the body. If you drink alcohol, then it will cause the quick fall of water content in the body. That is why; the drinking alcohol is the main cause of hangovers, while dehydration is not the actual reason for this situation. However, drinking water in huge quantity from the 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle will help you to treat hangovers and recover the body from alcohol effects. Water is the way to reduce hangovers fast, while you need to drink a big glass of water prior to going to the bed.

7- Water Speeds Weight Loss:

Drinking a huge amount of water continuously will lose weight fast. Metabolic rate is directly proportional to the weight loss procedure. If you increase the metabolic rate, you will lose weight fast. However, the water is the only liquid that can boost the metabolic rate up to 24-30%. It also adds almost 96 calories of energy to our body daily by drinking plenty of water. If you drink water on suitable timing from your 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle, you will lose weight several times faster than using medicines. You should eat fewer amounts of calories and then drink water before to have a meal. If you drink water up to half liter water between two meals, then it will lose weight up to 44% within a period of 12 weeks.


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