Sports Injuries & Treatments

Are you into sports or active lifestyle to keep your body fit and skin glowing? Then you must be aware of or experienced various injuries over the years. Specifically speaking, injuries that occur when engaging in exercise or sports is termed as sport injuries. This can happen because of overtraining, lack of conditioning, and improper […]

Know when to use Cold or Heat Pack for Injuries? Read This

Can we use Cold or Heat Pack for Injuries? Can Cold or Heat Pack be used to get relief from stiffed muscles, arthritis and swollen muscles? Hot pads and cold packs are used to treat many injuries. This is an effective and affordable treatment option in many countries. But, it is really very important to know when to use Cold […]

Advantages of Ice Pack Wraps in Sport Injuries

Sports injuries are obviously related with sports and exercise and cause by many reasons like overtraining, improper conditioning, poor techniques, lack of warm up and more. These injuries can raise the possibility of serious sports injury. Blackening, tightness in muscles, tears of tissues and broken bones are some of the main injuries during sports or […]

Important Tips to Treat Injuries with Cold Ice Pack

People these days are focused on keeping their body fit and staying young as well as healthy. This is why; they spend time on their workout regime. Some even actively participate in sports to excel in the game or to simply to increase their body strength. However, when one’s body is going through intense workout, […]

8 Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle Of 2020

Want to buy a water bottle but confused among so many options? Take a look at the top 8 picks of 2020 and choose the most suitable one. COLDEST 64 OZ SPORTS BOTTLE This stainless-steel water bottle is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the active sportspersons. It is easy to carry and the […]

How you can accentuate look of your water bottle with latest water bottle accessories

Are you still using those old plastic bottles to drink water? If yes, then it is time to get more concerned for your health and adapt habits that will keep you safe and protected from unwanted health discomfort. So, try keeping your hydration on lock and discontinue using boring, plastic water bottles. Insulated water bottles have […]

Buy Reusable the coldest Ice pack Gel for long lasting cramp relief

A cramp is unexpected and occurs due to the overuse of muscles. It is usually for a short-period and doesn’t cause any damage but the cramp pain can cause a considerable pain and make the affected area painful for a brief period. The pain occurs in the areas like – back of the leg, the […]

Ice Pack wraps review: Mess free ice pack for your injury

Magical for healing injuries  Ankle Ice Pack Ice packs are one of those essential things you need to keep with your first aid box. Keeping ice packs handy is a must for athletes and athletic trainers to deal with sports injuries. Ice packs are generally used for acute injuries of the neck, shoulder, back, and […]

Influencer Case Study of Jeffree Star

If you know anything about makeup, then you know who Jeffree Star is. His powerful, larger-than-life personality has made him a name and a force on YouTube and you probably have more than a few items from his cosmetics line in your purse. To be fair, he’s been doing this for a long time. Jeffree […]

Influencer Case Study of PewDiePie

“When I started my YouTube channel in 2010, I never imagined that one day it would be the most subscribed channel in the world and that I would be a part of such a great community.” – PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on 24 October 1989, 31 years of age. He is known […]

Influencer case study of Ryan’s World

A children’s YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji, who is eight years old as of October 2019. Ryan was born to Sean Kaji and Loann Kaji, and he is a brother to Emma and Kate who are twins. Ryan is of mixed ethnicity of a Vietnamese mother and a Japanese father. Since he was born by […]

Influencer Case Study of Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group that is known for their popular channel on YouTube. The group consists of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones and Garrett Hilbert.all of whom are former college roommates at Texas A&M University. The members of the group hold many Guinness World Records. Their YouTube videos have […]

Influencer Case Study of Stephanie Soo

STEPHANIE SOO….. DOING WHAT SHE DO BEST…. With so many YouTubers jumping in the mukbang wagon, it’s really difficult to find a channel that stands out…but then, there’s Stephanie Soo. Stephanie Soo was originally born in South Korea, but she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She had the best days of her childhood, as her […]

State of The Coldest Water

There’s a lot happening! We’ve been busy behind the scenes. 2 New Colors coming soon in 21,32,64 for a total of 9 different colors &  54 different types to choose from Inventory Reload – 2/19/2020 3 major new products coming (reveal coming soon). Finalization currently ongoing Major inventory reload over next 90 days Lots of […]

Influencer Case Study of Ninja

 Richard Tyler Blevins or better known as NINJA (formerly NinjasHyper) was born on June 5, 1991, and is currently 28 years of age. He was born in Detroit but later on moved with his family to the Chicago suburb where he started playing video games and sports. He also played soccer and was also an […]

Influencer Case Study of Roman Atwood

ROMAN ATWOOD Youtuber prankster turned into a youtube vlogger. In 2010 when he started to produce a Prank youtube channel which is called Sketch Empire. In control of doing a series of hidden cameras to prank public people which became a big hit on YOUTUBE. He also has another youtube channel “RomanAtwood”, where he posts […]

Your love for Travel and fitness can be nourished with water bottles!

Carrying your own water bottle makes it convenient and easy to drink cool water when you need it. Do you know that from a gym to a long-distance road trip – your water bottle is very important for many different reasons, including: Keep You Hydrated: Drink water all day long keeps you hydrated. If you […]

Top 5 water bottle accessories you must consider purchasing

Keeping your bodywell hydrated is very important for your overall health. And for that you need to drink enough water but it’s often easier to said than done. The simple solution of this problem is to investing in a reusable, refillable water bottle. It is easy to keep and help you to save money you […]

Why stainless steel water bottles are good for your health?

Coldest Water Bottle

In this article, we feature everything that you need to know about the stainless steel water bottles and why it is necessary to keep you hydrated. Choosing the stainless steel wateris the right decision for your health and environment, as these bottles are made up of natural elements that can easily be recycled in new […]

Why you should shop for ice packs online?

Ice is an essential and simple approach to with many benefits. It is an efficient painkiller which can be used to the damaged or area which is inflamed, giving immediate relief. Ice also limits excess swelling or inflammation developing. This helps to restore full movement faster and limits scar tissue formation, helping an offense to […]