We believe in not only creating the best products but having the best team behind them. Our ambassadors are motivated like no other and play a critical part of in our growth by helping spread the word out about our movement.

The Coldest Water is bigger than any of us. And together we will take it to the next level.

If this sounds like you, check out the perks below!


THE MISSION, the movement, the energy

Tier 1 Level Ambassador – Entry

We all start at tier-1 ambassadors. It is our test level to see what your capable of. At this stage, creativity is everything and we let you leverage your skills.

Our ambassadors tend to have a social presence and can do one or more of the following:

  • Create blog posts
  • Post via IG,FB, SnapChat 
  • Create a creative video and upload it to Youtube
  • Engage your audience with our brand

Keep us updated on what you are doing.

We send you our Tier 1 package, on the house. Lets see what you got.


level up

Tier 2 Ambassador

Tier 1 was all about getting to know you, your audience, and your capabilities. Now we’re ready to give you more gear for both you and your audience.

Not everyone gets to this stage.

Continue creating posts with our gear, whether through IG, FB, Youtube. We will monitor your progress.

Benefits: The Tier 2 package which multiple products for you and now your audience for giveaways.




level up

Tier 3 Ambassador

This is where things get a bit secretive. We’ve been developing some very high-end products, and as a tier 3 you not only help test them, but you get the first product off our manufacturing lines.

Tier 3 is epic. These upcoming products will blow your mind! And yes they are worth more than $500. We believe so much in this brand, and we hope you do to. Getting to tier 3 is possible, but we expect you to be a solid ambassador at this point.



level up

Tier 4 – Lead the charge with us and help grow our ambassador team.