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Best Long Run Hydration Habits

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Best Long Run Hydration Habits

Various weather conditions pose challenges to athletes’ especially hot temperatures in the summer. Therefore it is important for runners to keep themselves hydrated due to the fact the number of body fluids influences the performance of an individual. In this regard, it is important for runners and cyclist to have a hydration plan to maintain the following aspects.

 Making Hydration a Lifestyle:

Hydration is an important thing in our day to day activities, thus it is important to have the day to day routine on how to take in fluids. Precisely, for runners who take more than 90 minutes in the tracks needs to keep their bodies hydrated. Thus, hydration is a lifestyle and the following steps should be carried out to maintain it. One, you should carry water all the time in the coldest water bottle and make sure you take 60 ounces of water every day. Secondly, one should drink a glass of water after taking a cup of tea, soda, and even alcohol. Thirdly, you ensure that you take a glass of water thirty minutes before and after taking a meal. Lastly, you set a goal of achieving a light yellow color of the urine.



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The following are the three phases of hydration:

1- Make Sure You Hydrate Before A Workout:

Make sure before making the next run you have an equal duration of getting hydrated. For instance, if you have a sixty-minute run, then the hydration period should be the game on at-minus one hour. Thus, before going for a work out make sure you have enough fluid and food in the system.  Always keep the fluids in the coldest water bottle with you. The type of food taken should be easily digested. On the other hand, fluids should include sports drinks and water. The sports drink should include a solution of Gatorade that have both sodium and carbs providing enough energy to carry out tasks. It is also important that you alternate the sports drink and water with a gap of thirty minutes. More so, make it your goal to ensure before you leave your urine is light yellow or clear.


2- Make Sure You Hydrate During the Workout:

When performing a vigorous exercise it is important to take enough fluids during the entire period. Especially in hot temperatures, the target of the fluids you take per mile should be four ounces. In order, to have a regular interval it is important that you use lap functions that beeps every time you need to hydrate. This is possible if you carry the coldest water bottle with you. But that is not a problem in case you forget your fluids you can catch up and continue running.

This routine can be achieved by running in a lane that has water fountains or water store or by creating on own water loops by using a car or your house for a successful run. These fluids should be chosen according to your color preference and favorite flavor in order to captivate when taking it.

In terms of the content, it highly recommended that the drink should have solutions of Ironman Perform and Gatorade Endurance. It is the fact that these solutions help the fluids to move to the entire body effectively.


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3- Hydrating After Workout

After a long run, a runner has lost a lot of fluids through sweating. Thus, it is important after finishing a long run you hydrate fifteen minutes after finishing the run. The drink you should take must have a ration of carbs to proteins as 4:1. On the other hand, you make your own solution of an eight-ounce glass of skim milk with two teaspoons of chocolate syrup.  During the hydration period, it is important you consider how well you feel hydrated and ensure that all the fluid planned for is fully consumed. Remember, Keep the liquid cool in the coldest water bottle and use it when required.

With that said, the most important aspect of your nutrition is to ensure hydrating and have the potential for a future run. After nutrition, improved fitness also set a stage for a great run. In conclusion, after considering all those factors you a ready for a run in the coming days.




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