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Best Water Bottle For Tennis

Best Water Bottle For Tennis

There is nothing better than a little friendly competition right? Or maybe you are a USTA star, fighting for your rank. No matter what your skill level, performing at your maximum capacity is important for any tennis player! We believe the best way to always perform your best, and win as many tennis matches as possible is being hydrated. This means if you a tennis player, you should ALWAYS have the best water bottle for tennis with you.

There is no doubt that tennis can fatigue your body very quickly, and over a five set match you can loose a lot of water. One of the biggest flaws in tennis court designs are the little cups they place with the water supply on the court, they resemble cones…I am sure you have seen them. If you are a competitive player running from line to line playing a match in the heat, you are loosing more water than you are gaining with these cone cups. Instead, when you are in-between games or sets switching sides with your tennis opponent, remember to reach for the best water bottle for tennis! Because of the double stainless steel technology, the best water bottle for tennis can keep 32oz or 64oz of water cold for the entirety of your tennis match. Ensuring that you are performing at your physical and mental peak.

Why do we say that you need to be properly hydrated to be playing your best tennis? Well the answer to that question is really simple. First, let’s take a look at your physical performance. Why your body starts to loose water without the proper intake, your muscles will start to fatigue. For a tennis player one of the biggest advantages you can have is a strong swing and strong legs. This two things will keep your opponent and yourself running throughout the match. A smart tennis player will notice his opponents intake of water, and if the smart tennis player notices his challenger is not drinking from the coldest water, he or she  will do their best to make sure the opponent runs as much as possible.

Once, you stop drinking enough water your opponent immediately has an upper hand. What is enough water loss though? Did you know by loosing only 2% of the water in your body, you will start to perform at a much lower capacity. This is not a lot of water, for most people under 175 pounds we are talking about less than half a gallon of water! Can you imagine how much water your body looses if you are playing someone competitive, who knows how to place a serve and run to the net?

We are not saying that you have to be a tennis star to notice a difference in your game either. No matter what competition level you are at, the same amount of skill level when viewed per player is lost. Your potential is only defined by you, and the player you are faced. Your advantages are defined by your knowledge and skill when you enter the court. Knowing which water bottle is the best water bottle for tennis will set you aside from the competition and help you become a successful player. Can you imagine if some of the best tennis players in the world used the best water bottle for tennis.They would be unstoppable!

So you don’t play tennis, but your kids do. What should you know to make sure that your child stays hydrated while he is at tennis camp during the summer. First, always make sure your kids are carrying the coldest water bottle, the best water bottle for tennis. By giving such a cool water bottle to your kid, you can almost know that he will love to carry it around. Because of the design and color options kids love to show off their new coldest water bottle. This is for sure the best way to ensure that your kid is drinking enough water. For kids, it is super important to make sure they are attached to a water bottle on a hot summers day. It is very common that kids exert tons of energy without noticing how dehydrating they are becoming. Let’s face it, kids love to have fun and are not the most responsible.

Therefor, in order to take the very first step in making sure your child stays hydrated during tennis summer camp, don’t make him drink from those silly cone cups, give him the best water bottle for tennis. Once you have purchased the coldest water bottle, you should sit down with your child and explain to them why you are giving them the BEST water bottle for tennis. It is a good idea to do some research your self on hydration, here is a good place to start. There are three basic things you and your child should know about water and what it does for your body:

  1. It carries nutrients to your cells
  2. It helps remove waste from your major organs
  3. It helps us to control our body temperature

Something that is easy to tell your kids, and easy for your kids to remember is that a body can survive much longer without food than it can water. For a child this is a great rule of thumb to remember since kids can get hungry and cranky so often you can remind them when they are hungry if they have drank enough water, referring to your rule of thumb. We suggest bringing the best water bottle for tennis to the table at all meals. This will suggest to the children that there is no time or place that water is not acceptable. Water is the essence of life, and the younger we learn that as tennis players the faster we can mold into stars. Dietary needs are almost as important as signing up for the tennis lesson itself. If your child has not had enough water, one of the first things to happen is a loss of attention span. We want to make sure that your child pays attention at tennis camp and comes out on top, acing the competition.


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