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Best Water Bottle For Golf

Best Water Bottle For Golf

At The Coldest Water we love to golf and understand the need to stay hydrated while playing this sport. We know the importance of EVERY stroke and want our consumers to understand if they drink more from the coldest water bottle they will perform better, not just because it is the best water bottle for golf, but also because staying hydrated will improve your game!

Why is water so critical for sports particularly? In, order to get into this you should understand why water is so important for our general health. 70% of our body is made up of water, and besides oxygen, it is the most critical, essential factor in which our lives depend on. This makes water very important to maintain on a day to day basis. Water is essential for a number of purposes in the body including to but not limited to: metabolizing fat, aiding in food digestion, increasing oxygen to the brain, transporting nutrients to cells around the body, keeping a regulated body temperature, cleansing your body of toxins, maintaining a proper appetite, etc. These are all superb reasons to have the coldest water bottle with you on the golf course when you decide to play 18 holes. There are so many benefits from drinking water from the coldest water bottle, it makes no sense going on the golf course without it. There is no question the coldest water bottle is the best water bottle for golfing.


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Besides the need for your body to function, your brain requires the correct level of hydration to perform at it’s peak performance. Any golfer can tell you that half of all golf is played inside your head! And any athlete or athletic coach will tell you keeping hydrated will do more than keep you healthy. Athletes can normally see a big drop in their performance when they do not drink enough water from the coldest water bottle. Athletes loose focus when they loose energy. Focus is necessary to win golf, and that goes without saying. And if we are going to look deeper into what else can happen, we should definitely mention that being dehydrated on the golf course will also cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and other more dangerous side effects stopping your body from performing at the best it can do. Your competition knows better. Your competition brought the coldest water bottle because they knew it was the best solution to keeping their body performing at the best it possibly can!

Here is what not to drink from the coldest water bottle on the golf course. One of the most common mistakes on the golf course is bringing a sports drink instead of water. The reason why this article is not called “Best Sports Drink Bottle For Golf” is because unless your body already has lost the electrolytes potassium and sodium, there is no need to shove sugars in your body to replenish what it has lost through sweating. By maintaining your hydration you shouldn’t have to reach for a sugary sports drink. The Coldest Water bottle is the best WATER bottle for golf because we find that the minerals in your blood can be regulated and maintained in a health way. It is important to know, contrary to a lot of sports drink advertisements, that sports drink wont make you the best golfer on the course. Drinking less of that sugar may actually help you in the long run.

We at The Coldest Water want you to know how to improve your hydration consumption on the golf course. First, plan your golf trip! If your round of golf is going to be on a hot or humid day, know that will affect your water consumption. The best thing you can do before you start to play golf is drink water from the coldest water bottle BEFORE you go out to the golf course. Drink the coldest water bottle one or two times and refill before heading to the course. Spacing out your hydration and not trying to fix the problem, but solve the problem before it exists is by far the best solution to staying hydrated while playing golf. This is the best water bottle for golf, before you even play golf. Second, BRING THE COLDEST WATER BOTTLE to the golf course. Bringing the coldest water bottle on the golf course makes drinking water easy, and accessible. Our 32oz water bottle the best water bottle for golf because it is not too big and not too small. This is the same size as the big Gatorade bottles but filled with the best drink for golf, water. Fill up the coldest water bottle at every hydration station you may run into while on your golf trip. Know that if you are walking and carrying your bags in the hot heat you may need to drink more water from the coldest water bottle than someone who is driving a golf cart. When you are finished with your golf round, drink water IMMEDIATELY. This means before you head into the club to grab a beer or cocktail, hydrate your body! A lot of people like to add some sort of flavor to their drink after exercise to help consume more water.


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Another trick some golfers use to maintain their hydration and perform at their physical peaks is to eat more water based foods. This doesn’t really mean juice fruits into your coldest water bottle, you should still bring water. However, did you know that there are both fruits and vegetables that are made up mostly of water. Cucumbers are a summer veggie that has water content over 95%. They contain more water than any other solid fruit or vegetable. Cucumbers are a well kept secret of golfers who like to stay hydrated as they can aid in keeping your body performing the best it can on the golf course. Eating fruits and veggies will also help with Vitamins. Cucumbers for example have C,K, and B vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, and copper. Eating your water is a very smart idea in addition to bringing the best water bottle for golf when you are trying to score the best round on the golf course as you can.

This popular summer vegetable has the highest water content of any solid food, meaning it can help keep you hydrated when you’re doing outdoor activities under the strong sunshine. After taking a look at a cucumber’s nutritional value, though, you’ll definitely want to add them to your diet year-round. Cucumbers are loaded with vitamin C, K, and B. They also contain minerals such as copper, potassium, and manganese. For this reason, cucumbers can also help you to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

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