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The Best Water Bottle For Hiking

The Best Water Bottle For Hiking

No matter what the conditions, you need to be prepared on your hike to stay hydrated and cool. The Coldest Water has everything you need to keep on trucking on the toughest of trails this summer.

You have spent the time researching which filter to buy for your hike, now make sure you have The Coldest Water Bottle, the best water bottle for hiking! The Coldest Water crew loves to hike, so we make sure our hiking pals are taken care of. With our new designs, The Coldest Water Bottle can hold more water for your long hikes than ever! Our new 64oz and 32oz bottles are the best water bottles for hiking. Hiking the desert in Utah? Hot day in the mountains of Colorado? This is by far the best water bottle for hiking on hot days! With our double stainless-steel technology, The Coldest Water Bottle can stay cool for up to 36 hours! This means more refreshment for our hikers no matter how long the trip.

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When I was 18, I spent months on the Appalachian Trail, hiking through the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina.  Any serious hiker has had the pleasure of a river crossing while hiking. It is normally half way through your hike and just when you hit a pace that is comfortable, you see the river. Besides the thought of “that is one cold river” the questions “How do I get my pack across?” and “Will I loose my gear?” come to mind when the river is in sight. With The Coldest Water Bottle and our other Cold products in your hiking pack, you can be confident in two things:

  1. Your Coldest Water Bottle is the best water bottle for hiking because it comes with a carabiner and it will not get lost.
  2. Your Coldest Water Bottle is colder than the river in-front of you, therefor you can overcome!

So why is The Coldest Water Bottle and our other line of products so important when planning your trip this summer on the Pacific Crest Trail? Many people who are not survivalists do not completely understand the dangers on hiking in the summer. Let us take a look at some of the common dangers and injuries on hikes:

The most dangerous challenge anyone might face on a long hike or hiking trip is running out of water. Over exposure to the sun without the proper water can lead to dehydration, muscle cramps, heat strokes, and even death. The Coldest Water Bottle is your best water bottle for a hike because it will keep you alive! Here at The Coldest Water we want you to fully understand how dehydration works and how to prevent getting yourself in this situation.

There are stages to dehydration, lets take a look:

  1. Thirst. Your body will first tell you that you are becoming dehydrated with thirst. This is your brains natural way of telling your body that it needs water. It is very important NOT to ignore this thought and ALWAYS have The Coldest Water Bottle on hand to cure your thirst with the water your body needs. Having The Coldest Water Bottle attached to your pack will ensure an easy access to your water supply keeping your body hydrated throughout your hike, helping make The Coldest Water Bottle the best water bottle for hiking.

  1. Am I hungover? NO! YOUR DEHYDRATED! The next feelings your body will start to undergo are very similar to being hungover. The most common symptom of dehydration is a headache. If you are on a long hike on a beautiful trail and start to feel your head hurt, reach for The Coldest Water and fully understand why it is the best water bottle for hiking. Other symptoms of dehydration one may feel on the trail is lack of concentration and lethargic behavior. Notice your hiking mate slowing down and stopping. Yes, the pack does get heavy and your friend may just be complaining about all the unnecessary food that he brought with him. However, these are signs of lack of concentration and lethargic behavior and should be take seriously. Stop and talk to your hiking mate, hand him The Coldest Water Bottle and have him realize why it is the best water bottle for hiking.
  2. Dark Urine and dry skin. At this point of dehydration it is important to stop your hike. At about 5-10% fluid loss your body is can visible show it is dehydrated. Try pinching the tips of your fingers and watch how fast the skin bounces back to place. This should happen very rapidly, the slower this happens the more dehydrated you are. We suggest putting an electrolyte or other hydrating solutions in The Coldest Water Bottle at this point of dehydration if the solutions are available. If they are not, keep drinking water but do not drink too much water too rapidly. First, it is important to know where your destination is and how much water you have left to get you there. Second, your body may not accept it. It is important to keep an eye on your urine when you become this dehydrated. The darker the color is, and the fewer times you go to use the restroom, the more dehydrated you are and the closer to a very dangerous situation you have become closer to on a hiking trail.
  3. At 10% fluid loss you have entered severe dehydration. At this point drinking fluid from The Coldest Water Bottle may become dangerous. If you are on a hike at this point you should be searching for help. Depending on how far out you are it may not be safe to try to continue…any further dehydration will need either an IV drip or eulogy. You should be calling for either search and rescue or a emergency medical treatment to respond with the right medical solutions to help bring yourself or hiking partner back to a safe level of hydration.

I hope that everyone reads this article and fully takes in the importance of staying hydrated and having The Coldest Water Bottle on a hike. It truly is the best water bottle for hiking!



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