Improve Water Intake and Avoid Kidney Stones

Kidney stones basically develop due to less intake of water or drinking water containing high quantity of salts, and calcium. Carry your own water in water bottle.

Drink More Water: 10 Immediate Effects on Your Body

All the researches are clear about this. Staying hydrated is one of the best routines of life that helps in healthy living. Here are the ways that your entire body and your brain will do better performance when you drink more water!

Hydrate Properly throughout day and Throughout Year

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It is essential to drink water regularly in all seasons, and especially since no heat comes to awaken our desire to consume water. The risk of dehydration is then real, with its attendant annoyances such as headaches, muscle aches or cramps and fatigue.

How Important Is Drinking Water To Health?

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Drinking water supply, basic sanitation, and good water resource management are essential for health. Nearly one-tenth of the disease burden could be avoided by providing the following essentials.

Hydration and The Importance of Water for Our Children

Water is vital to the human body. We often talk about the hydration of adults at work but we talk a lot less about the hydration of children in school, a subject that is more important.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

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How much water do you need to drink? Whatever the source of the water you drink (water bottle, tap with or without a filter jug), it is important to drink enough water every day. Our body is 65% water and it is essential for the proper functioning of our body.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Quality and Durability

Stainless steel water bottles or stainless (for intimates) come in force on the water bottles market. Healthy, neutral in taste, resistance, durability, design, they have everything to the users!

5 Smart Ways to Maintain Memory Sharp

The food you eat, drinks you take, ways to treat your body and the way you live your life all affect your physical fitness, health, wellbeing, and memory. In the following, there are five integral things you can do to keep memory sharp and good.

Drinking Water Could Help you to Slim Down

You want to become smart and thinking to slim down, water contains no calories. To keep the line, the first useful reflex is to substantially limit the consumption of sugary drinks that can be replaced by still or sparkling drinking water. Several scientific studies have highlighted the link between water consumption and weight loss.

The Importance of Being Well Hydrated

You may be suffering from dehydration. Before relying on OTC medications, start by drinking one or two glasses of water, because that may be what you have to get feeling better. Always keep the liquid in your 1 Gallon Water Bottle to stay hydrated.

Why Is Water Good for Glowing Skin and How Much Water Do You Need for This?

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Water plays a worthy and massive role in your skin health. If you drink plenty of water regularly, it can help you in maintaining a balanced life with multiple functions and features.

How to Stay Hydrated Summer and Winter?

If you want to stay healthy – It’s cold or hot there is no way or any reason to forget to drink water. More than ever if you are sick. It is essential to take water regularly. The water can feed our body.

Why Don’t Drink From a Plastic Water Bottle?

We all have a habit that keeps using the same plastic bottle from drinking. However, drinking from the same plastic water bottle could be very bad for your health! We explain to you why!

Do All Stainless Steel Water Bottles Have Equal Composition?

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  Do All Stainless Steel Water Bottles Have Equal Composition? What You Should Look For? Whenever you are at some events, you will prefer to carry water. It is quite useful and effective to drink water from metal water bottles. Are All Stainless Steel water Bottles Created Equal? It is more probable that all metal […]

Why You Should Not Leave the Plastic Water Bottle in Your Car

Here’s why you should not leave a plastic bottle of water in your car! It’s extremely dangerous.   It’s a normal habit we all do! When we go by car, we always take with us a water bottle. And this simple bottle could ignite a fire in your vehicle! The Plastic Water Bottle Fires: While […]

6 Reasons behind Carrying a Water Bottle

Do you have a habit to drink plenty of water daily? Most American people don’t have the habit to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Always carry a water bottle to drink regularly.

Behave like the Water My Friend

Let’s be like water. Bruce Lee has already told us but we do not limit ourselves to see these qualities of water according to the Tao as a beautiful and simple image. In the end, we are part of nature. And nature is the expression of the Tao.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Drink Water

According to science, experts and health professionals, daily water consumption continues to be one of the main recommendations to the hydration level for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Hydration of Seniors and The Elderly

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In this new article on hydration, discover the water needs of seniors and how to protect them from dehydration thanks to the Coldest Water and its Unique Water Bottles.

What Causes of Sprains and Strains?

Numerous patients with musculoskeletal wounds get confounded about the distinction between sprains and strains. Your physical specialist can demonstrate to you the contrast between what a strain and a sprain are and how to appropriately treat every one of these particular injuries.

Water Bottle for Kids 2019 with Lasting Durability and Supreme Quality

The Coldest Water Bottle for Kids is 100% environmentally friendly. This is a key quality that motivates customers. This water bottle can last longer and is the best for use.