The Coldest Water Bottles

  • Named best bottle of 2017 & 2018 by Business Insider
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  • As featured in Business Insider, Parade, and New York Magazine

The Coldest Ice Packs

  • Ice Pack for faster recovery with injuries, sprains, soreness, pain relief

Water Bottle Accessories

 Ice Pack & Athlete Accessories

Collectors Edition

Sometimes we build things that we love. We couldn’t resist. It is the first collectors item. Limited in stock.

Cool fact: Most of the Coldest Team behind the scenes plays soccer competitively.

We believe in creating the best coldest gear that will last you a very long time.

We’ve built a water bottle that never leaks, fits in 99% of cup holders* and was even dubbed best water bottle of 2017 by Business Insider.

Our world-class line of sports water bottles are perfect for athletes and high performers looking for up to 36+ hours of cold water.

In addition, our Ice Packs, (Gel Packs) were initially built for Professional Athletes in high performing sports. We recommend it to all athletes and high performers for pain relief, injury recovery, injury treatment and regular soreness from a hard days work.

Our Ice Packs are famous for helping with:
Knee Injuries, ACL tears, ACL Sprains, Ankle Sprains, Back Pain, Muscle pains, stomach aches, stiff neck, Calves, Quads, Sports injuries, general soreness and pain relief.