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Can I Reuse my Empty Plastic Bottle?


Is Reusing Bottle of Bottled Water Safe?

Plastic water bottles (single-use) are dominant and present everywhere. Despite warnings and alerts about the disposable water bottles, many people reuse them frequently by filling water from tap or a water cooler. There are several dangers associated but two are more important. The first danger is the chemical that leach in the water whenever the plastic bottle is exposed to sunlight or high temperature. The second danger is the bacteria which start to grow inside the bottle as washing bottled water bottles are difficult. Here are some facts and steps to use disposable water bottles.

Chemical Leaching: Dangers and Fears:

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a common ingredient present in most of the disposable water bottles. Currently, there is no solid evidence that using these bottles is dangerous for the health but there are several studies confirming that PET is dangerous for the users. Actually, the PET is known to release chemicals in the water whenever it gets interaction with high temperature. Therefore, experts suggest disposing of these bottles after using. Bottles with degradation signs and visible cracks are also dangerous.



FDA has approved PET for production of single-use and reusable water bottles. The PET is also an approved element worldwide. This component has been studied and tested by various scientists worldwide and found that there is a sign of toxin release and transfer in the water. The only risk found was antimony. This is a metal which is used during the production of plastic bottles. Antimony is carcinogenic and it is risky for the health. Several studies are available showing the possibilities of antimony leaching in the drinks and foods packed inside the PET containers. These studies confirmed that it is likely to happen when the packaged materials remain in storage for longer or if they get higher temperature.

According to the world health organization, users buying PET containers are at risk of 1 % intake on daily basis. PET bottles exposed to sunlight or high temperatures may deliver an increased amount of toxins. There are so many studies agreeing with the above-mentioned results. However, contradictory studies are also present. The outcomes of contradictory studies are also alarming. That’s why it is recommended to avoid PET bottles. Instead, the users should prefer reusable stainless steel water bottles such as Coldest Bottle by The Coldest Water.



Bacterial Fears for Reusing Bottles:

This is the biggest concern for those who use reusable bottles. As a matter of fact, fungi and bacteria can grow inside the reusable bottles. The development of fungi and bacteria is also proven in the single-use bottles if these are reused. How bacteria enter in bottles? Generally, bacteria come from the mouth or hands of a person who drinks from the bottle. On the other hand, PET bottles having cracks in structure also invite the bacteria. The water source is also important in this matter. People filling water from the contaminated taps may also face this issue. Therefore, it is suggested to refill the reusable water bottle from a tested source. This general rule applies to all types of water bottles including aluminum, glass or even plastic.

Regular Cleaning of Water Bottles:

It is essential to wash the single-use or reusable bottles frequently. Thoroughly wash the bottles from inside. It is very important to keep changing the water or fluids stored inside the bottles. Throw the water if it is present in the bottle from last several days. Fill the reusable water bottles with fresh water and better if you boil the water before doing this. Fluids or drinks having sugar are more attractive for the bacteria. The bottle should be airtight in order to ensure that bacteria will not find a sufficient environment to start growing. Drain the drinks immediately once you reach home back from travel.

Sanitizing the Bottles:

Do you see mold or bacterial growth in the plastic bottle? Simple water wash will not remove these growths. Only proper sanitization can help in this matter. It would be great if you keep the bottles dipped inside the bleach solution (Diluted) and baking soda solution. You can prepare this solution in water by adding 1 teaspoon of both materials. Thoroughly rinse, wash and dry in the air each time you use the reusable bottle.


Perfect Water Bottle


BPA in Bottled Water:

There are concerns that BPA can leach down in the water stored in a plastic bottle. These concerns are true and scientifically correct. PET bottles become dangerous when these are exposed to high temperatures. There is a need to focus on storage temperature. You are also required to keep them in a cool and shady place if you run a store. Take high care and choose recently manufactured plastic bottles if you are buying bottled water from markets. Bottles older than 7 years old are dangerous and should be avoided.

Environmental Safety:

The single-use or disposable water bottles and containers are causing more pollution. There are strong pieces of evidence showing that plastic bottles and containers have made huge islands in the oceans. These islands are full of garbage causing trouble for the sea animals. There is a need to minimize the use of plastic bottles and containers. Instead, the stainless steel bottles are best for utilization. These bottles are safe because of no risk association. Those who are looking for the best water bottles should see Coldest Bottles at The Coldest Water store.


A Word from the Coldest Water:

Whether you use a single-use or reusable water bottle, it must be safe. Now you have facts and figures so it is your decision to choose the best product. We have mentioned the important scientific outcomes and reports focusing on environmental and health impacts. Using plastic bottles is no longer safe that’s why it is essential to find another substitute which is good for health as well as the environment. Throw the bottles of any type in garbage box if there are cracks or signs of deterioration. The most important point is to stay hydrated. Never stop drinking just because of the fear of water bottle. It is better to use the high-quality Stainless Steel Water Bottles.



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