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Reviews on the Coldest Water from around the globe!

Very convenient brushes to have around to use for all kinds of cleaning projects. For bottles the larger one is perfect to get into the corners and hard to reach places. I have some hummingbird feeders that the smaller brush is used for . The right brush for the situation is always a help. Review By […]

Very nice bottle brush set that includes all the pieces you need to really get those bottle clean. The biggest brush is plenty long to fit any bottle and the head is big, but not too big to fit in those soda bottle style water bottles. I actually have quite a collection of different types […]

This is a pretty nice bottle cleaning brush set, but nothing mind blowing or revolutionary. It seems to do the job pretty well, but my only complaint is that some of the bristles on the large brush are not in the place they should be. In other words, the bristles are bent in many weird […]

This three part water brush is a lot like a baby bottle brush but longer and stronger. Using a refillable water bottle on a regular basis, I struggle to clean it well. This brush helps to accomplish that without issue. It has three parts that makes it easy to clean, the large brush and two […]


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