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The Coldest Water Bottle – 21 oz

This is an excellent set of 3 tools that get to every nook and cranny of your bottle. It gets the hard to clean seals and spouts and straws. Use of this set helps prevent bacteria and mold in your bottle. These tools are high quality and make cleaning fast and easy. This set hangs […]

Exactly what I’ve been needing! This is the perfect brush set for so many things. We have tall narrow drinking glasses that my hubby really wanted but doesn’t usually clean them unless it’s the dishwasher and even with that, the bottoms will still look dirty. The tall brush worked great at getting all the way […]

Used this for the first time today and I must say it’s pretty amazing! I put ice in it for my iced coffee around 7 this morning and it’s still here and the time is 11:40am. The tumbler is heavy duty and extremely durable. My two year old dropped it from the countertop this morning […]

I was amazed at how long this kept my ice and water cold. I added ice in the cup and then left it on the counter in my kitchen. I came back 24 hours later and the ice had melted some, but there was still a big chunk of ice. For someone like me this […]


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