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The Coldest Water Bottle – 21 oz

it’s also very sturdy but quite heavy due to it’s material

I take long walks heading to the store, and by the time I’d get there, the water in my regular bottle would be warm. This bottle seems to keep the water the same temperature for hours, it’s also very sturdy but quite heavy due to it’s material, I have yet to do a test to […]

Looks good! Works well! Great prize!

– Appearance: it’s a very pretty handsome looking bottle. And unisex. – Performance: I received the bottle at 7pm. Washed it. Tested it to see if it dripped. Nope, it didn’t; I tightened the cap and turned it upside down with water inside; not one drop dripped. At 7:45 pm, I filled the bottle with […]

Giving other cups a run for their money!

This is definitely a cool find. It’s giving the other brand named cups a run for their money. Pros: it doesn’t sweat! It fits perfectly into the cup holder. The grip at the bottom makes for an easier grasp. It’s stainless steel so it cleans easily. My drink really does stay cold with ice! I […]

It Functions Great!

This bottle was purchased for my teenage son, after his previous Glass water bottle broke for no reason in less than six months! I purchased the glass bottle because I didn’t want plastic or aluminum. But this Coldest Water bottle is stainless steel, insulated, and functions great! My son says that ONE cube keeps the […]

I LOVE this MUST have water bottle. It is the COLDEST!

I have been looking for a water bottle like this for sometime now. I had purchased Teavana’s stainless steel tumbler that kept things cold and hot just as long as this one; however, the parts to the tumbler were horrible to clean. So after two months use, I dumped it. This one is a dream […]

The COLDEST WATER BOTTLE lives up to its name and then some . I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with performance and durability !!

I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with The COLDEST WATER Bottle . I carry it laying on the seat of my vehicle and it never leaks a drop . It will also fit the drink holder in my Cadillac . My 20 oz. Yeti will not fit my drink holder and is certainly not leakproof . The […]

Look no further and just buy it now.

When it comes to picking a water bottle for daily use, portability, insulating properties, and durability are all important considerations. But different people have differing priorities. So instead of coming up with a single best pick like I normally do, I decided to purchase them all…34 in total. I have tested them all over some […]

Awesome Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

I received one streamlined, lightweight, sturdy coldest water bottle, aptly named. It went through the dishwasher fine. It kept my water cold for over a day and the insulation kept my fingers from freezing. Very nice bottle to have on those hot, dry days for a swig of cold water to quench my thirst. Review […]

If you’re like me and you want your water cold and your …

This bottle does what it claims – it keeps your water cold!! My son is in college and plays soccer and weightlifts – he LOVES the look and functionality of this product. It’s definitely more pricey than a lot of water bottles so it boils down to this: do you want to keep your liquids […]

Best Gym Bottle I’ve ever had! If you’re an athlete, this is the perfect bottle.

I take this bottle with me every time I go to the gym and its’ great for many reasons. Drinking cold water not only boosts your immune system, it helps you burn more calories. I’m a high performing athlete and every advantage I can get over my opponents allows me to take my game to […]