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The Sunflower Initiative – Eco-Friendly

We are a small start-up, founded in Naples, Florida! We believe in owning one bottle, to last you a very long time, while staying cold longer than any other bottle. Besides our consumer driven goals, we believe in having a strong eco-friendly foundation. That is why we’ve begun our Sunflower & tree initiative. Eco-friendly Packaged You’ve already […]

Yes, my Stainless Steel Bottle made it through TSA Airport Security! – The Coldest Water

flying with coldest

I don’t know many people who enjoy traveling. You have a starting point and you have an ending point, but not enough people realize that it’s journey between the two that matters most, so why not enjoy every second of it? That’s what I told my friend Stacy while I drove the two of us to […]

Shaky Beats Music Festival – In-Depth Experience – Review

shaky beats coldest

Like most dedicated Festies, I start planning my festival season in early Spring. Actually – and I like to think that I’m not in the minority here –  I end up planning two different festival seasons for myself. It all starts with finding all of the biggest and most talked about festivals of the season […]


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