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As a professional athlete, you are always working your muscles. Well despite all your dedication to the sport and professional enthusiasm, you are as much human and would eventually tire out. It must not necessarily be mental fatigue, it could just be muscular fatigue, where your muscles just spiral out of your control and protest […]

All you need to know about Sports Injuries: The complete guide Everyone might have come across a wound, an ankle sprain, a torn muscle while in action. Sports Injury most commonly occur during a sport or while exercising. Over 3 million avid competitors under 14 experience it annually. Sports Injuries happen due to lack of […]

First of all you may be asking yourself, what exactly is the purpose of a stainless steel water bottle, and where can I get one? I’m here to tell you why you should get one, and how to clean it out properly. First things first, I truly recommend ordering your stainless steel water bottle from […]

When you have many water bottles to carry around to the beach, a picnic, or to a sports game,finding the best water bottle carrier can be tough. That’s why we are looking at all of the different ways to carry your water bottles in order to find the best the best multiple water bottle carrier on […]

Holy cow this water bottle is crazy. I’m used to the kleen canteen. You put ice in it and in a couple minutes the ice is melted and the whole side and bottom is a puddle of water. There is no puddles with the coldest water bottle. Everything you have in it stays nice and […]

I am very much impressed with this water bottle! I feel like it’s even comparable to those Yeti cups (and much more affordable!) It has yet to stand the test of time, but it does what it says and keeps my water ice cold all day! For me, it would be better with a wider […]

This bottle is so awesome that even my dog try to steal it! I have 5 vacuum sealed, double walled style water containers because I always drink water during the way and I like having a variety of bottles. I was excited to see this bottle on the market because it looks cool and I […]


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