Water Bottle Brush

I clean my straws, bottles, baby bottles and jugs SO much easier now! I LOVE it!

Oh My! What can I say, I looove this dish cleaning brush set! I mainly bought it for the straw cleaner, however I happen to be using the Large bottle brush every single time I do my dishes! I use a lot of bottles, jugs and baby bottles and have to admit that washing with the large brush makes it a million times faster and easier!

My baby bottle brush is very firm and gets soap all over me when I push it down a bottle but this brush goes right in and is much more flexible so I can move it around much easier! It makes washing my Jugs and bottles a breeze as well! The straw cleaner is a must if you use washable straws, especially smoothie straws because actual food stays stuck in those (yuck!). I have absolutely zero complaints about this brush set, my only regret is not getting one sooner!

Review By Kari on September 16, 2016

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