Water Bottle Brush

Cleans all types of bottles! Stainless, plastic and glass. No more scunge in your sports bottles!

This is a Water Bottle Brush ideal for your sports bottles and stainless steel YETI, RTIC or other type bottle by The Coldest Water company. As a mom of 5 kids, four of them boys I have washed a lot of sports bottles. Prior to this absolute engenius water bottle brush coming along I like many others used baby bottle brushes, a rag with a knife and sometimes just hot soapy water hoping they come clean.

This bottle brush is build specifically for stainless steel bottles but works on plastic as well. The brush is made of plastic and rubber. It does not specify what type of plastic is used. It is sturdy with a long 14″ handle to reach inside the bottles. The bristles are a plastic or nylon type brush. They are not too stiff that they will scratch the bottles (in case of glass) yet will move around easily within the bottle to clean well. I used a bit of dawn dish soap and scrubbed all my bottles clean when this came. They all smell so much better.

The handle is coasted with rubber for a good grip as well as being curved for ease of cleaning inside the bottles. The bristles extend out from the brush approximately 1″ and there is about 3.5″ of bristles from the top of the brush down the handle.

There is a stainless steel straw brush cleaner as well. This brush has a small fingertip type handle also coasted in rubber for grip. The stem is wire and the bristles on the end are in a spiral form. They too are soft. This brush measure about 10.25″ from top to bottom. The brush area is about 1.5″ of the entire length of the brush.

Last there is a lid brush cleaner. This is shaped in an oval and covered in a more rugged type bristle. The top is rubberized as well. This brush is 4.5″ in length with a brush width of 1.75″.

All three brushes are attached on a plastic ring to keep them together. You could use the ring to hang the brushes for storage. As nice as the brush set is this ring was a bit of a disappointment. It is made where you can open it but the quality of this ring is sub par. It doesn’t meet the same standards as the rest of the product in my opinion. It works, it’s just flimsy and I see in the future it will have issues remaining closed. I wouldn’t call this a deal breaker with this set as the brushes are nice and do the job.

Review By Itzasecret On September 14, 2016

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