There is no doubt that quality of life is affected by the better sleep. People having good health may also receive negative impacts at academic or professional places in case of lack of deep sleep. The better sleep which is a common stand for Regenerative Phase of sleep is responsible to support mind and body restoration. Without proper sleep, it is very hard to keep the body away from the negative impacts. On the other hand, mental or physical illness can change the development and growth of the body when it experiences bad sleep. The body’s ability to fight against the illness adversely affects just because of the poor quality sleep.

People with cancer usually face the sleep-related issues. This creates a challenging situation for them. No to have a better sleep is one of the major factors restricting the recovery pathway. We have good news that improving the sleep quality is possible. It means that one can treat the sleeping related issues without spending huge efforts.

Coldest Mattress

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Cancer and Sleep:

National Cancer Institute claims that more than 50 % of the patients face sleep problems during treatment. The very first symptom they face is the Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). It is also called Insomnia. Another study confirms that more than 80 % of cancer patients experience insomnia during the treatment session.

Stress, restlessness, and uncertainty are some major causes of insomnia during the cancer treatment. Some patients get disturbed because of treatment schedules while some experience pain. Poor diet and lack of proper sleeping conditions are also important in this matter. Cancer may add other potential issues, therefore, it is necessary to treat insomnia as soon as possible.

Improve Quality Sleep with Coldest Mattress:

If you or someone from your circle has cancer then it is necessary to monitor and take important steps to better sleep.

  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • Restricted use of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Write the sleep patterns, solutions, and ideas in a diary.
  • Reduce the stress.
  • Limit the use of electronic gadgets including TV and Smartphone.
  • Try cold body massage to reduce the pain.

Cooling Off Insomnia:

For many years, sleeping mattresses are considered responsible for the better sleep. The Coldest Mattress is a quality option for the cancer patients looking for a sweat-free sleep. This mattress is made on modern technologies. This mattress makes sleep comfortable and promising for the treatment of insomnia in cancer patients.

The Coldest Mattress & Coldest Pillows     BUY NOW

Coldest Mattress Technology:

As mentioned above, the coldest mattress is helpful to bring better sleep. Actually, it is a product of various technologies combined in a scientific way.  Incorporation of engineering efforts has made it more effective. It can control the temperature with the help of less absorption even if it is hot outside. The multilayer technology enables the users to avoid heat emission from the Coldest Mattress. Everyone must consider this cooling mattress and coldest pillows if interested to keep the body cool without using electric systems such as air conditioning adding huge costs in monthly utility bills.



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