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Drinking Bottled Water Have Negative Impacts Health

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Drinking Bottled Water Would Have Negative Impacts on Our Health

How many times have you said, “I would love to drink water right now”? So you go out to buy some and you take a PET bottle (Polyethylene Terephthalate) because that’s the only thing you can find. This kind of bottle is easily transportable when you go for a jog or go on a trip.
However, the effects of plastic bottles on our health and the environment are very bad.

There is another situation that we all know very well called the “hidden side”. This happens for example when you see a beautiful landscape, a beautiful beach, but the latter is covered with plastic bottles and garbage. All this is not only dangerous for animals that can choke on. The health and environment experts recommend the use of insulated stainless steel coldest water bottles.

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Why Do We Drink Bottled Water?

Today, many people are not aware that the oil residues used to create plastic are dangerous for our health. In a study in Detroit (USA), it was shown that the water in a $ 2 bottle was actually of lower quality than tap water and that, moreover, it had not good taste. So how is it that, despite everything, people prefer to buy bottles of water?

Producers sell water bottles 2,000 times more than the cost of tap water. Who would pay, say, $ 10 for a sandwich just because it’s packed in plastic? Originally, the companies that generated the most revenue in the water market sold sodas in the 1970s (such as Coca-Cola). But, after a while, people realized that sodas were not necessarily healthy so they decided to drink tap water instead. In response, companies began selling plastic water bottles.

At first, people thought it was absurd because it was like trying to sell them oxygen. So, to launch the market, companies have created claims in an artificial way. In their advertising campaigns, they warned against the risks of tap water arguing that it was too dangerous for consumption and that it should only be used to do the dishes or take showers. They have made their packaging more appealing to consumers by adding images of mountains on their labels.


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Bottled Water Quality is questioned?

These images are there to highlight the natural and healthy aspect of their water. This is the height of ridiculousness when we know that the water in the bottles is none other than that filtered from the tap. Plastic represents one of the worst dangers for our planet because it has a life too long which prevents its disappearance.

The main problem starts directly with the manufacture of these water bottles. Indeed, the quantities of oil needed for their production are the same as those for cars in the United States. Distribution internationally is another problem. That’s a lot for water bottles that are usually emptied in two minutes.

Do All Plastic Bottles are Recycled?

The problem is what is made of empty water bottles, even if they carry the recycling symbol, they are usually not.

80% of the plastic water bottles are thrown in a landfill where they are stored, for years until they are decomposed, or burned. However, when they are burned, they emit toxic pollution in the environment. And only what’s left is put in the recycling crates. Sometimes even full loads of empty plastic water bottles are transported to India. There, they are piled up and form mountains of waste. Instead of being recycled, they are decimated which means they are transformed into lower quality products that will end up in the trash after use.

Say No to Plastic Water Bottles. Always consider the use of real, true-stainless steel, vacuum insulated the Coldest Water Bottles are perfectly crafted.

Sales Gimmicks:

Companies push consumers to use plastic bottles through three stages: fear, seduction, and misinformation.

There are many places where tap water (the worst enemy of bottled water) is unfit for consumption. And that’s partly the fault of plastic companies, for example. They discharge their wastewater and their waste into the rivers.

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Think Again About your Health and Environment:

Think again next time before buying a plastic water bottle. Not only will you save money, but you will also take care of the planet. Always consider the use of real, true-stainless steel, vacuum insulated the Coldest Water Bottles that are perfectly crafted for a completely new experience.

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