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Easy Ways to Sleep Cool During Night


Sleeping without sweat sounds a big blessing nowadays. Current heat waves have created huge trouble for everyone. We can spend the day by using protective measures but what about the night. It is hard to continue the next day without having a restful sleep at night.

Do you know how to sleep cool? Probably, you can use the air conditioner for this purpose. This is a modern technology which can maintain the internal temperature of your bedroom. However, it is not possible for everyone as it is expensive and it costs every month. Would you like to know natural ways for a cool sleep? Here are some tested tips.

Try the right Coldest Pillow:

Head is a hot part. It is said that the body will feel cool if the head is cool. It means that you have to keep the head cool anyway. Conventional pillow present at our homes surrounds the head and neck which results in trapping in heat. We recommend the readers to focus on Coldest Pillow which is different than conventional pillows. It keeps the head cool in a natural way.


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Try Homemade Air Conditioning:

We understand that buying an air conditioning system is not easy. This technology is too costly. However, you can embrace some old school ideas. Why don’t you use ice cubes? Don’t feel it! We don’t want to keep ice bags on the head. You can put the ice cubes in a bowl and place in front of electric pedestal fan.

Warm air circulating in the room will lead to ice melting but it also disperses the cool breeze in the room. No doubt, it is not a serious substitute of air conditioning but it may lower down the room temperature up to some extent.

Lower Metabolic Heat:

Well, we are not talking about biochemistry so keep calm. Monitor your diet routine. Taking a cheeseburger and French fries before going to bed will increase the rate of metabolism. This will cause heat generation in the body. It would be better to take light meals at dinner. Try to finish the dinner at least 3-4 hours before taking the bed. This will help to complete the metabolic process before you sleep.

Think About Location:

Location is one of the most important factors. Do you rest in a shady and cool place? There will be a cool sleep in this case. Nothing can stop you from achieving the deepest sleep phase. It also keeps the body cool so there will be no sweat.  Changing the location of your bed can help to have a sleep cool. If it doesn’t work then think about shifting your bedroom. The lower floor of your home would be a better choice than the upper floor.

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Keep Indoor Plants:

Plants and trees around us act as a shield against the heat. There is a variety of indoor plants to improve the oxygen level of the room. These plants are easy to keep inside the bedroom. It would be better to decorate your window with flowering plants. This approach is considered excellent as it is environment-friendly.

Bring the Coldest Mattress:

In order to have cool sleep, you must think to bring the coldest mattress at home. The coldest mattress is a special product which controls the temperature. It maintains the suitable limits in order to offer you a perfect cool sleep experience. It has multiple layers returning the heat being absorbed. This mattress should be used with a combination of the above-mentioned practices.

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