Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m having trouble attaching my straw, what do I do?
See this page

I have suction issues with my standard cap? Where should I contact?

Contact us

My standard mouth has no suction.
Try trimming the straw a little bit as it may be too long preventing any suction. The straw should not bend inside the water bottle, and water should be able to draw into the straw. If that doesn’t work, get in touch!

I need an extra straw, I cut mine too short! Where can I buy them?
Haha, no. We will send you some straws for free, on the house, as long as you include your order #. Use the form to the left.

Why do you ask for order #’s?
It allows us to pull up your address, as well as provide proof of purchase.

I emailed you guys, but you didn’t respond!
We get this on a rare occasion. Technology can be annoying. Be sure to use the above form, or email us at, and a ticket will be created. It is important to include your order #, and address for the best possible customer support.


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