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Features and Benefits of Backpacks | Growler Backpack

In 1938, Gerry Outdoors produced the first backpack. From that point, models of backpack have been updated in various ways. Today, you can get a backpack in every size, shape or color in every market. Backpacks are lightweight, easy to carry and comparatively economic than conventional suitcases. People of all ages prefer to use backpacks for various reasons.

Organizer-Cum-Multipurpose Use:

There are different partitions and huge pockets designed specifically to simply keep and organize various items of utility − water bottles, laptops, clothes, headphones, keys, passports, and mobile phones. You can access them easily as all are compartmentalized. Backpacks can be quickly prepared to carry any type of requirements for the purpose of the study, sports, hiking or simply traveling and their design are perfectly fit to be transported with minimum effort.

Laptop Compartment with Waterproof Protection:

Almost every teenager or a working professional has a laptop or a tab and most backpacks have a special section for them. This compartment comes with an extra cushion on both sides for protection from mishandling. They have waterproof layers that repel water to keep your personal effects safe and damage free from rain or moisture.

No More, Shoulder Pain or a Backache:

Modern backpacks come with multiple straps with cushions and back support plates. These features take care of your shoulders and lower back. There are cushions below every strap which increase comfort level. Some rucksacks come with extra straps around stomach and chest to distribute the pressure of the load all around enabling the traveler to carry it with ease for a longer period.

Safe and Secure:

All modern backpacks come with zip locks and some other safety features. As they are lightweight and easy to carry, you can keep your personal belongings with you all the time− decreasing the possibility of theft or misplacement.

Convenient To Use:

They are easy to handle and carry compare to traditional suitcases. Backpacks really come handy when you are traveling in public transport like bus, train, or tube. They can be carried conveniently even through a crowd and can easily fit inside smaller slots for transport. While riding a bike either in the driver’s seat or in pillion, backpacks are the ideal choice. You can wash them if they get dirty. They are really good for rough and tough use.


Style and Fashion Symbol

Youngsters are always in search of new and trendy travel companion − backpack is one of them. There are backpacks of several brands available in the market. Hence, to lessen the confusion of choosing, it is worth mentioning here that the renowned US Company “The Coldest Water” has recently launched ‘The growler backpack’ that has the most up-to-date style and innovative design with a sturdy build up – A true Trend-setter.


Before you go to a mall for shopping or buy a backpack online; make note of your needs. Accordingly, you can decide the size and shape of the bag. If you are purchasing the backpack for outdoor activities then ‘The growler backpack’ by ‘The Coldest Water’ will be your Smart Choice. A backpack is an essential as well as a trendy accessory, so go out today and get one for you.


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