One thought on “Four Stars

  1. Gary Odrosky says:

    I bought the 21 oz Coldest Water Bottle and also a standard size Flip Top lid. I have been well pleased with the product. It keeps my water cold, as advertised. I have more than paid for it by not having to buy bottled water anymore. I also feel better for not contributing to the amount of discarded plastic water bottles in our world. However, after a few months the lid started sucking air along with the water which made it difficult to use. I contacted Customer Service and sent them the account # from my order through Amazon as they requested. In 3 days I got a package with not 1 but 2 replacement lids along with straws! I am over the top pleased with this company’s customer service. I will definitely keep buying their products.
    A big Thank You for your excellent response to my issue!

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