Water Bottle Brush

This is a great solution for cleaning all of my l bottles

This is a great solution for cleaning all of my l bottles! This is a set of 3 – one large brush that gets to the bottom of all the bottles in our house. It has a slight curve that really helps in scrubbing the sides as well as bottoms of the bottles. two smaller brushes for cleaning the straws and lids, etc. The brushes are really great quality. The bristles are really sturdy and can withstand some aggressive scrubbing.

The brushes are is easy to clean with soap and water. brushes don’t hold on to any weird smell to them even after I wash couple of turned milk bottles. The bristles didn’t hold any food particles that cause bad odors. I received this product at discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review. I review each item honestly and fairly while trying to include as much information concerning said product. I give each item an overall rating based upon my opinion,use and the price of the product. I was given plenty of time to test and evaluate this product thoroughly before writing this review.

Review By Kismat on August 30, 2016

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