Water Bottle Brush

Great for tons of uses

I’m a fan of OXO products and knew this set would be cleverly designed, well made, and long lasting even before I received them. I’m happy to report that I really like this set with one or two small exceptions. I posted some pictures under the main product picture, showing how I used the brushes.

– I like that the brushes are clipped together so there’s no more digging around under the sink looking for the smaller brushes. I also like that the straw brush and detail cleaner can be quickly pulled off of the ring for use, but stay securely on the ring for storage. The non-slip handles are comfortable and secure even when wet.

– I love the straw brush! I’ve needed one for a long time since our kids carry metal water bottles to school every day. I’ve never found another brush that was long enough and thin enough to do a good job, so I have had to bleach their straws. The bristles on this brush are soft and plentiful, so it does a good job washing inside the straw.

– The detail brush is a nice addition to the set. It allowed me to clean the crevices and threads inside the lid, and I can imagine some other jobs in my kitchen where it would work – small flower vases, canning jar rims, and the recessed corners of square plastic storage containers.

– The large brush is the only thing I didn’t really like in this set. The handle is too long, for one thing. There’s no reason for a it to be nearly two feet long from tip to tip. And if I had designed it, I would have made it with bristles on all sides and the end, like a baby bottle brush. I did get the bottle clean inside with this brush, and I liked that the bristles are soft and help the soap foam up nicely, but I wonder why it was designed without full bristles on the tip.

Although this is sold as a water bottle cleaning set, it would be useful in any number of kitchen cleaning jobs.

Review By Sarah Jean On September 12, 2016

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