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Home Remedies to Treat Lower Back Pain

Reusable – Hot + Cold Therapy

Lower back pain becomes more frequent when people enter in the middle age. Around 4 out of the five persons in the United States of America get lower back pain in any phase of their lives. The chances or risks of lower back pain are equal in men as well as women according to the special report published by the Harvard Special Health.

Age is the biggest factor which brings changes in life and it causes joints and bones to change shape and alignment. Discs present in the lower backbone act as a cushion inside the joints of the spine. These get changes over time and face fragmentation. These are structural changes leading to the pain.

The herniated disc is another leading cause of the lower back pain in most cases. The herniated disc is a situation in which discs of the backbone misplace and create a compressed nerve which results in pain. Chances of sciatica increase when the sciatic nerve is compressed and it affects the leg and buttocks. This is another cause of pain which is called sciatica.


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Sprain and strain are the two main causes of pain in the lower backbone. The overuse of any muscle, bone or joint during an activity such as exercise, weight lifting, sports or even in an accident may cause problems for the people. Experts recommend waiting in order to see little improvement which occurs with the passage of time. However, it is recommended to focus on medical supervision or examination if the pain continues. When should a person see the doctor? A person should wait for a period of 2 to 3 months in order to see natural healing.

Source or cause of the lower back pain is another motive in this matter. It is essential to consider the cause or source of damage to the backbone. In case of minor lower back pain happened because of a jerk or a fall, it is essential to wait for some time. Those who got lower back pain due to an accident should visit the doctor immediately to have quick treatment.

Heat and Cold Therapies:

In most cases, cold therapy works better because it is best to compress the damage. Back injury is usually treated with the help of Ice Pack. This treatment is old but effective. Modern techniques have been used to maximize the efficacy of cold therapy. Ice therapy works effectively in case of pain and swelling. On the other hand, people who have neck pain should wait for 48 hours before they apply heat therapy. Actually, the neck pain happens because of muscle stiffness. Applying cold on a stiffed muscle would augment the cause. Therefore, it is recommended to use heated pads to treat neck pain. This will increase the blood flow and relax the muscles. This is a standard healing process. Remember, cold or heat therapies should be applied in the first week of injury in order to see progressive results.


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Coldest Ice pack


Limiting to Bed Rest:

There is a general concept that bed rest is favorable for the people who have lower back or neck pain. Remember, this concept is no longer favored by the experts. Doctors are now in favor of moving even in the case of back pain. Patients should keep moving with care in order to avoid jamming of muscles, joints, and bones. However, instructions are always given to the patients who want to continue moving. Never try to resume the previous condition of working, activity, and exercise. Your injured backbone needs time for recovery. You must give it the proper time for healing. This helps to limit the chances of advancement of injury. No doubt, the pain is severe and it is causing trouble when you move, sit or stand but little effort can make it easier to heal.

Physical Activity:

Exercises support muscle development and strengthening. Exercise also makes muscle flexible reducing the chances of injury. On the other hand, exercises can make backbone stronger in order to support during the injury phase. It provides support to avoid further damage to the joints or muscles. Patients with a backbone should work with the orthopedics to learn more about the healing process. They should develop a special technique which can promote the healing of backbone while minimizing the pain accompanied by swelling. A combination of strength training, flexible exercise, and aerobic activity are helpful by experts.


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Complementary Therapies:

There are several complementary therapies having promising effects on the backbone. These therapies include:

  • Acupuncture: This is an ancient Chinese medical technique in which the specialist inserts the thin needles. This technique seems painful but it is very effective to release pain and bring the energy back.

  • Spinal manipulation: This is a technique applied by chiropractors. In this technique, they apply pressure on the body, especially on the spinal alignment.

  • Therapeutic massage: This is similar to body massage which releases the muscles and brings down the problem.

  • Yoga: There are several types of yoga exercises help to treat the lower backbone pain. Tai chi is another technique that is also effective.


All these home remedies are effective to treat lower back pain. However, you must consult an expert orthopedic. This will help to choose the best treatments based on case history.

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