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How to Pack and Lift a Growler Backpack?


Packing efficiently in the Growler Backpack can make things easier. Is it true? Travelers who use backpack frequently know the significance of efficient packing. With the passage of time, modern features have made it easy for the travelers and hikers to pack things according to the right choice. Is there a single best approach of packing? Unfortunately, there are different packing approaching one can use. We at The Coldest Water put more focus on the backpacking checklist. Prepare your own checklist or follow the given points in order to avoid trouble while traveling or hiking.

Zones of Packing:

There are three possible backpacking zones. You must remember these zones for perfect packing.

  • Bottom zone: This is favorable for heavy items especially of less use.
  • Core zone: It is also good for heavier items.
  • Top zone: This zone is favorable for essential items.
  • Side pockets: These are used to keep the most urgent items.

Let’s see how to use these backing zones efficiently to make traveling or hiking pleasant.

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Bottom Backpacking:

This portion is ideal for bulky items you are not going to use before making a camp. Keep the following items in this portion.

  • Sleeping pads or pillows.
  • Trousers or long underwear.
  • Down booties and camp shoes.

Core Backpacking Items:

Growler Backpack comes with the huge potential to carry things. Its core portion should be used or following things.

  • Cooking Kits.
  • Food stashes (not snacks).
  • Water bottles (at least 1 gallon).
  • Stove
  • A bear canister containing biscuits, potato finger chips, and others.

You can pack some heavy items in the core zone. This helps to stabilize the weight in the backpack.


What about Liquid Fuel?

This should be packed in the core zone for protection from bottom and top. However, the fuel bottle or tank should be sealed properly. Place the bottle straight in a vertical position to avoid spillage. Cover the fuel bottle with following items.

  • Tent footprint.
  • Tent body.
  • Extra clothing.

Top Backpacking Zone:

This is used to keep the trail essentials.

  • First aid kit.
  • Fleece jacket, shirts, and pants.
  • Insulated or rain jackets (already present in the Growler Backpack).
  • Purifier and water filters.
  • Toilet supplies.

How to Use Side Pockets?

These are good to keep the items you need frequently.

  • Maps
  • Coldest water bottle.
  • GPS
  • Lip balm.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Compass
  • Headlamp
  • Rain Cover (There is need to take with Glower Backpack)
  • Big spray.
  • Keys of the car, home, and office.
  • Cash, ID card, passport or travel documents.
  • Electronic gadgets including cell phone, data cables, and chargers.

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How to Lift the Growler Backpack?

This is part of backpack preparation. It would be better to focus on the lifting because you have to do this. Most of the people carry backpacks on shoulders. This is a mistake. Never use the shoulder straps for heavy backpacks. This can damage the shoulders as well as the backpack itself. This approach also creates difficulty while carrying the load. Here are some points for the right lifting of Growler Backpack.

  • Just loosen the shoulder straps so the pack will easily adjust.
  • Tilt the backpack upright on the ground.
  • Bent the knees and ensure your legs are well apart before you stand next to the panel of the backpack.
  • Strongly grasp haul loop.
  • Control the backpack while putting it on the back.
  • Slip shoulders and arms in the straps one by one.
  • Buckle up to avoid unnecessary movement of the backpack.


Don’t forget to buy the Growler Backpack and Enjoy the traveling.



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