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Hydrate at the Gym, During Your Yoga Session, or Store Your Protein with Coldest Water Bottle

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Hydrate at the Gym, During Your Yoga Session, or Store Your Protein with Coldest Water Bottle

Proper or adequate hydration is key health factor for athletes. It is also considered vital to maintaining health and performance of an athlete. Do you want to perform best? You will need to learn how to maintaining hydration and drink more water during the workouts. You will also need information about hydration before or after the exercises. Let’s start the discussion.

Pre-workout hydration:

In simple words, it is hydration before you start any type of exercise. Whether it is a long race, running, biking, yoga, training workout or a weightlifting activity, you will require plenty of liquids. According to fitness experts, drinking 100 % more water than your normal routine is essential before the athletic event. No matter what type of liquid you take, it will help to hydrate the body. Always keep the water in the premium Stainless Steel Water bottle. Regularly monitor the change in color of urine. It should be pale yellow. Clear urine indicates an excess of water in the body.

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During workout:

It means that athletes will require water or liquids while practicing exercises at the gym. It is an obvious factor that human body losses more water during the physical activity. Whether it is in the form of excess urination or sweat, your body is burning. This raises the body temperature too. It is necessary to maintain the body temperature. Fail to maintain the body temperature and it will result in loss of excess water which may cause dehydration. You are suggested to buy Coldest Water Bottle for this purpose. It helps the athletes and sportsmen to enjoy cold and fresh water whenever they feel thirsty. It is essential to drink 16 oz liquid from Coldest Water Bottle with each pound losing while exercising. For example, if a person takes 8 oz during a workout session of 60 minutes and burns one pound then he will need additional 16 oz water.

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Post workout hydration:

Have you finished the exercises? It is good but you have to focus on your hydration level. Drink liquids from your Coldest Water Bottle and relax. The best way to check hydration level is the urine color. Bright yellow urine with odor usually indicates lack of water in the body. This is an extreme sign. Immediate action is necessary to avoid dehydration. Bodybuilders, athletes, and outdoorsmen are strongly recommended to pay attention towards these symptoms.

On the other hand, you can check your weight before or after the workout. This will indicate the total amount of energy as well as water lost in a training session. According to the hydration standards, 24 oz water is required after the loss of each pound. What if the weight increases? This is another indication which shows the over-hydration. Don’t be worried about it. Over-hydration is not a problem. The maximum health problem it may cause is over urination (2 to 4 times more than your normal routine). The body weight will come to normal once it has eliminated the extra water.  However, it doesn’t mean that you will stop drinking water. Keep the Coldest Water Bottle ready for the next workout session.


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