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Your Hydration Guide for Stainless Steel & Insulated Tumbler Care

To keep your stainless steel water bottle in the awesome condition, we recommend you hand wash/rinse it. We’ve tested it in dishwashers of course, but all dishwashers work differently, and ideally, we want your bottle to last forever. Dishwashers can harm the insulation.

No, microwaves are not good with stainless steel.

Yes, it works with hot and cold liquids.

We recommend you do not do this as this can affect the insulation properties overtime. If you’re doing it just a few times, make sure the lid is off, as water expands and can damage your container.

Pretty much anything, from water, to juice, liquor, beer, chocolate milk, tea, soup, etc. Please note, hot liquids can burn you if you’re not careful. Acid from juices and such does not damage the stainless steel.

Soak them in diluted white distilled vinegar overnight. Baking soda is good for removing stains. Note soaking your entire Stein/Tumbler in hot water can discolor the powder coat.

Absolutely not. Sometimes there might be a slight sweat from the cap, but besides that, there is absolutely no sweat from the body, retaining maximum thermal properties.

With proper care, you should not see any rust. They should last you a lifetime as they are built with top notch materials and care.

We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint with reusable stainless steel bottles and pints. The less we use, the better for the environment, as well as keeping our prices affordable to our end user.

Straw cutting guide:

Whistling Sound? How to Fix:

Gently push on the top without pushing it out with a pen, nail. Sometimes your finger can do it. this is the only needs to be done once, and not every time you drink.

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