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Importance of Water in Sex Life

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Water is essential to our body. Our body needs it, just like many other living things.

Importance of Water for Our Body:

Water represents 60% of our weight, or 50 liters for an individual of 70 kg (with differences related to sex, age, and body fat). Our 50,000 billion cells contain two-thirds of our body’s water. We understand how dependent our body is on water.

Hot Sex Could Lead To Dehydration Problems:

Hot sex could lead to dehydration problems. According to a recent Scottish study, couples would not drink enough after love. This forgetting would partly explain that for some, the landing from the seventh heaven is accompanied by headaches and certain lethargy.

The study on the importance of water in sex life was conducted across the Channel and was conducted by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

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Stories of Water during the Sexual Games:

Dehydration after and during the sexual games, the body reacts like other cardiovascular activities. It may accelerate the heart rate, the perspiration increases. According to scientists, half an hour spent in making love is also trying (and much more fun, in most cases) than a five-kilometer race. It corresponds to an energy expenditure of 360 calories per hour.

While nine out of ten people quench their thirst after practicing a “conventional” sport, only two in five drink after having sex.

The importance of hydration after having sex depends on the volume of perspiration produced during the lovemaking. It also depends on the state of hydration of the partners before intercourse.

Loss of Concentration Abilities:

A water loss of more than 2% of body mass (more than 1.4 liters per 70 kilos) results in a loss of physical performance and may affect mental processes such as concentration abilities. Thirst usually appears at this level of dehydration. However, in some people, this sensation does not cause a sufficient desire to drink before the lovemaking.

Dehydration, if it reaches to a certain level, tends to reduce blood volume and can even reduce the volume of water in the cells. The brain cells are particularly sensitive to these dehydration problems. This lack of water in cellular processes can lead to dysfunctions. It shows the importance of water in sex life.

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Do Not Remove Water after Removing the Bottom:

However, Dr. John Leiper of Aberdeen University puts the findings of this query into this perspective. “If the partners have sex for half an hour, they can sweat as much as if they had run five kilometers. Such an effort is not likely to result in dehydration of more than 2% of body weight and therefore can’t affect their daily activities. However, if the lovers were already dehydrated before lovemaking or if they intend to continue their activity without drinking. There are possibilities that they can reach a state of dehydration affecting their performance. However, no scientific study has examined the question so far”.

Make Your Entire Night Sizzling:

So, if your entire night is sizzling and a dehydration problem scares your performance, it is better not to neglect to keep the coldest water bottle within your reach. Dehydrated lovers are prone to fatigue, lethargy, and headaches, in addition, they can feel a dry mouth.

So, if you like that your nights of love are not prematurely shortened, it is wiser to replace the cigarette with a glass of water or a favorite drink from the coldest water bottle after the love. Hope you will realize the importance of water in sex life.



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