The oceans face a massive and growing threat from something you encounter everyday: plastics. An estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic leaks into the marine environment from land-based sources every year—this is roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the oceans every minute.

“Every hour, equivalent of 1 dumptruck of plastic gets dumped into our oceans.”


Unite under 1 mission around the world. Yes it started in Naples, but to make major changes we need to scale world-wide. That’s the Coldest way.


Join the fight against plastic.

Every month we dedicate time and effort into removing plastic from our oceans & provides. Our efforts grow stronger with numbers.

  • Free pizza to volunteers who comes.
  • Drinking water to volunteers
  • Meet other driven individuals, network with other professionals
  • Provide organized coordination and growth

Clean the beach + Network with others

Almost every networking event we’ve ever been to, it was over beers at a bar. Let’s get stuff done while doing the same thing. Let’s actively clean our beaches of plastic while meeting others cleaning the beaches! Talk about anything from work, life, and anything in between.

We believe mixing the two: Let’s save the environment while meeting like-minded others. This is key to making it fun. Bring communities and the world together under one purpose.

Pictured above, event at Collier Seminole State Park in Naples, Florida.

We work with local officials.

To be most effective, we are coordinating with local officials on beaches, waterways, and parks, wherever needed to help them out.

Long Term Vision

The Coldest Water is founded on the beliefs of leveraging, developing and if needed, inventing new modern technologies to solve problems wherever necessary .The team & volunteers will clean beaches, and in combination one day use tools to leverage the necessary scale in cleaning our oceans.

Rather than just jump at it, we believe this problem is not solved overnight, and thus we will put our engineering minds on a slow burn, thinking on this over time.

A world-wide initiative.

Not in Southwest Florida? That’s okay! We’re looking for leaders to step up in their local communities. Clean the beach while holding our bottle/ or just a cardboard sign, and you’ve joined our movement. We’ll definitely feature you. Lets go.

Proven leaders will be provided with support and help, along with a community motivated to save the planet.

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Responsibility & On-Going Sustainability Efforts

Reusable Product Packaging Initiative

No movement has grown overnight but with babysteps we can get to something much bigger. We’re in this for the long haul. Some product packaging The Coldest Water will now be re-usable durable, & recyclable packaging (for groceries etc.), As we want to commit more to our initiatives.

On every bag – The Coldest Ocean Initiative is listed, so the intention of scaling this initiative is intentional and we hope it will spread globally over the long term.

Rather than throwing away product packaging, customers will be able to take it and use it for other purposes.

Our initiatives start at the core of the company, and we will continue to become better as resources allow.

  • The Coldest Water bottles are heavy duty. Years later our customers are saying they are still using the same water bottle.
  • The Coldest Ice Packs are reusable and highly durable, allowing for maximum life.
  • Our Gallon water bottles and product line are purposely engineered to have interchangeable, multi-compatible parts in case they break/wear out, allowing for max life rather than planned expiration.
  • We use thicker reusable & durable plastic straws, which allow for hundreds,to thousands of usages. (Safer than stainless steel as their less rigid/avoids potential injury). We think cardboard straws are only 1 time use and very wasteful than reusable plastic straws in this case.
  • We use cardboard over plastic in packaging where possible.

Solar Power Initiative

  • Our offices, warehouses, computers, lights, facilities are expected to be completely on solar power by 2021, with smart switches to limit usage on power.

Company grown food farm

  • By 2021, we expect to have fully self-sustained 1-2 acre food farm serving fresh fruits and vegetables to the team, volunteers, neighbors at The City of The Coldest.