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Is Water A Good Body Temperature Stabilizer?


Is Water A Good Body Temperature Stabilizer?

The human body has different defense mechanisms. Temperature stabilization through water is one of them. Our body utilizes water to maintain the internal as well as external temperature. Water is among the best fluids with high heat absorption capacity. This is a natural trait present in our body. This specialized trait enables the human body to absorb more heat before the temperature of the body rises. It means that water is a buffer which is present between the human body and external temperature.

Blood Heat Movement:

As a matter of fact, blood is liquid and it is present in our body. It is the major component of the human body providing resistance against heat. It serves as a heat absorber as well as heat mover. According to the expert’s opinions, blood has a high tendency to keep the heat away from the body. In fact, they talk about the vital organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and others. When all these vital organs stay away from the heat, the body functions properly. This is the simple science behind the heat resistance potential of blood.

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Regulates the Skin:

Water is present in the skin. Our skin is a protective cover which consists of several layers. There are small pores in the skin secreting water plus salts in the form of sweat. This is a mechanism everyone knows. However, most of the people consider it a general activity during the hot months. In fact, it is a defense mechanism which utilizes the body water as the main tool to lower down the overall temperature. Sweat is a mixture of salts and water. Discharge of unnecessary salts is important for the body internal temperature. However, the water being secreted helps to cool down the skin.

Water as a Heat Mover and Absorber:

During exercises, we burn high calories. There is a complete science behind it. It sounds very simple to burn extra calories with the help of exercises or workouts. However, there is a need to see the water level of the body. According to the medical scientists, water is 75 % of the total body muscles. It means there is a high amount of water present in the muscles. Therefore, it is recommended to keep The Coldest Bottle (21oz, 32oz, 64oz or 128oz “1 Gallon”) whenever you go to a gym. Dropping level of water during the workouts can be managed by drinking fresh and cold water from these water bottles.

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The Significance of Hydration:

Normal body temperature remains around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. However, we easily survive even when the temperature is high in the air. Actually, there is water behind our survival. Our body experiences heavy sweat which is a direct cause of the drop in temperature. There is a need to replace the water lost during all these natural systems. How to replace the body temperature? It is easy with the help of The Coldest Bottle. Buy the water bottle and keep it wherever you go in the hot sunny day. You will never experience dehydration if you continue drinking cold water.



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