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Life Saving Measures for Mine Workers


Working in the mining field is difficult as well as risky. We commonly heard about the news of mine collapse, miners trapped inside a mine or accidents such as suffocation inside the mines. With the passage of time, safety rules and standards have been applied to mine workers with strict actions but mining is still a natural occupation. There is no guarantee of life while you are inside a mine. Recently, a coal mine accident killed 22 people in Southwest of China. Most of the cases occur because of dehydration and suffocation inside the deep mines. How to manage these things? Here are some basic points to remember for all mine workers.

Understand the Dangers:

A mine worker should be aware of the risks present in this field. No doubt, most of the mining companies get a license after providing evidence of worker’s safety but personal health can’t be guaranteed. A person who has a respiratory issue should take care of himself. The mining company will not take responsibility for such cases. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare mentally and physically before you enter into this field. Also keep the essential tools, gears and survival products such as the coldest water bottle 1 gallon.

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Mine Workers Must Drink Plenty of Water:

Remember, mines are made several hundred feet inside the mountains. Sometimes these mines go deep inside the land. Mine workers present in these mines may face the shortage of water. Actually, the atmosphere inside the mines lacks humidity but high temperatures because of the heavy machinery and respiration. Imagine the situation of a small airtight room where dozens of persons are respiring. Fulfilling body water level in this situation becomes important. Keep your coldest water bottle 1 gallon which will serve you in normal as well as in an emergency situation.

Important to Keep Water Pollution Free:

It sounds hard to keep the water free of dust and other pollutants inside a coal mine. However, those mine workers who have the coldest water bottle can make it easier. This modern professional water bottle has been designed with the latest technologies. It has a stainless steel structure which protects the interior as well as the exterior of the bottle. This is why coldest water bottle has excellent shock absorption potential. Secondly, the coldest water bottle 1 gallon has insulated interior with an airtight lid. There is no need to open the lid to drink water as there is a straw present for this purpose. In this way, the coldest water bottle keeps the water pure, fresh and pollutant free.

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Avoid Excessive Walk To Reach Water Source:

Yes, this will consume more energy. It is very essential to save physical energy to stay active. Mine workers usually stay inside the mines for several days. It is difficult for them to come out just for a single glass of water. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to access the water cooler present inside the mines in some cases. The best option is coldest water bottle 1 gallon. This bottle will be your companion during working days. It can deliver cold, fresh and pure water for 36 hours and more. After 36 hours, it may lose the coldness but there will be no effect on the quality of water.



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