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Night Sweats: Causes, Explanations and Consequences

night sweating

Night Sweats: Causes, Explanations and Consequences

Night sweats, also known as sleep hyperhidrosis, are a common complaint in people, but literature on the subject is rare. Night sweating can be very bothersome for the people and the bed partner, often causing soaking of the bed linen and linked with a reduced quality of life. However, only a minority of people report this symptom to their doctor.


  • What is night sweats?

  • Night sweats: Causes in humans

  • Night sweats: Causes in women

  • Daily Night Sweats what consequences?

  • Use of Coldest Mattress with Coldest Pillows to avoid this problem

  • Night sweats affect about 3% of the population and can be a sign of serious illness.

  • In this article, we will discuss the common causes of night sweats in men and women.

  • We will also talk about the consequences if they are not taken care of soon enough.



What is Night Sweats?

Night sweats are repeated episodes of extreme sweating that can soak up your sleepwear or bedding and are linked to an underlying medical condition.

However, if you maintain an unusually hot temperature in your room or sleep with too much clothing, you may sweat while you sleep, which is normal. It is also important to distinguish hot flushes (heat and redness of the face or body) from real night sweats.

The brain’s hypothalamus regulates the temperature of our body, which leads to the stimulation of over 2 million sweat glands to help us stay cool. When aqueous sweat evaporates from the skin, it releases heat energy, which cools the body.

Although tuberculosis and lymphoma remain important diagnostic considerations in patients with night sweats, we should take other diagnoses into account such as obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs when something blocks partially or totally the upper respiratory tract during sleep.

The diaphragm and the thoracic muscles are forced to work harder to open the obstructed airways and suck air into the lungs. This reduces the flow of oxygen to vital organs, causing irregular heart rhythms and increased sweating. We also mention the human immunodeficiency virus, gastroesophageal re-flux disease, hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, and several less common diseases. Antihypertensives, antipyretics, abusive drugs such as alcohol and heroin that can also cause night sweats.

They are also related to fever, localized pain, cough, weight loss, diarrhea, or different symptoms of the concern. Apart from these causes common to men and women, some causes are specific to one or other of the two sexes.

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Night sweats: Causes in Humans

The level of testosterone

This problem in men generally linked to the low levels of testosterone. It also called male hypogonadism. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men.

It stimulates sperm production, supports the sexual drive and helps develop bone and muscle mass. Night sweats in men are not caused by external heat, but by the hypothalamus (the temperature control center in the brain), which works poorly. The hypothalamus receives false signals (caused by hormonal imbalance) indicating that the body is overheated and reacts immediately to eliminate this excess heat.

Night Sweats in Man:

High levels of cortisol (stress), poor diet and poor physical condition can contribute to night sweats in men. To help relieve and other symptoms of decreased testosterone, your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy.

Night Sweats: Causes in Women

The Pregnancy

The night sweats during pregnancy caused by the rapid change of hormones in the body of the future mother. When the estrogen level in the body goes down, the hypothalamus reacts by directing the brain to heat the body.

This heat causes excessive sweating. Because the hypothalamus also regulates your sleep cycles, this happens most often at night. Women can also sweat more after pregnancy to get rid of excess fluid. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a woman’s body absorbs 50% of blood and body fluids during pregnancy to promote growth.


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