We are a small, but ambitious and passionate start-up, founded in Naples, Florida! We believe in building the very coldest products, built of the highest quality materials. We only build products that we would want to use every day.

Our team consists of courageous engineers and creatives, who put their lives every day on the line experimenting with cold materials.

We use our decades of combined experience + advanced manufacturing techniques to get our products exactly where they need to be. We believe in never cutting corners and give the utmost benefit of the doubt to you, our customer. Our products are continuously being re-engineered, and re-imagined over at The City of The Coldest.

The City of The Coldest

The company initially was founded in 2015 in sunny Naples, Florida. The City of The Coldest however started construction in February 2018. The weather here is very hot, which makes the city is a strategic point of attack against our one true enemy, hot.

A special thanks to our hard working USPS driver everyday for making same day ordering and shipments possible. When you place an order before 4pm we’ll try our best to get your shipment out the door the same day over at The City of The Coldest, a long term goal of building and establishing a sustainable fortress against our one true enemy hot. Many of our orders ship out from here in Naples Florida, a strategic point of testing as we experience extreme heat year round Majority of companies outsource their inventory and have no idea what they ship out, but by doing it in-house we have control over every aspect, from initial design, testing, and prototyping to the actual fulfilment of your order, packaging, quality and delivery. #thankyou #usps #weloveusps #naples #uspsdriver #love #cityofthecoldest #thecoldestwater #customerservice

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Hence why we’ve committed to the long term vision of building out the City of The Coldest,Β our headquarters, where we can creatively engineer, and design the most superior cold products. The shields around the city prevent hot from getting in. The fight against the sun will be costly, many products will be destroyed until it has been perfected. The city is a must, and our only defense standing between the sun and us.

Updates on our new fulfilment center in Naples, Florida #naples #style #bestbottle

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Just one more kiss. Taken with the coldest ambassador @wohaanellie

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Our sunflower initiative is underway for 2018, where we grow hundreds of sunflowers to celebrate our planets beauty.

Founder of The Coldest Water

"I love The Coldest Water bottle! We came back already from our travel so this is the only time i can email you about how my husband and i love your bottle and the 1 problem we encountered with it. I was searching through the internet what bottle can hold up the longest cold water because we will be travelling to Israel for 15 days of walking through the desert and hiking up hills and mountains. then i found your website πŸ™‚ i asked a friend to buy 2pcs from your site so it can be delivered to their house in the states and then send to me here in the Philippines. i also bought the spout with the straw (from amazon because you were out of stock) so i dont need to keep on opening it. the spout really helped! it made my drinking from the bottle soooo much easier. I dont have to unscrew the cover anymore πŸ™‚ some of my friends already asked me where i bought it πŸ™‚ the hook that came with the spout helped also as i can clip it it front of my backpack for easy access. the coldest water really really was a life saver! πŸ™‚ we had to walk at least 12000- 20000 steps a day. this is hiking and walking under the hot sun! πŸ™‚ our water stayed cold even if we keep on opening and drinking from it. my husband and my bottle now has character from all the dents it incurred during our hike up the mountains but i love it, it gave our bottles some memories attached to it :)" We love when our customers share their feedback and images! Keep them coming. You can share them to david@thecoldestwater.com, or ashley@thecoldestwater.com, or straight to instagram and we'll repost Major announcements soon! #fans #motivation #quality #love #newfriends