The city was built to defend against our one true enemy, hot. It started in 2014 and has been waging every day since. 

Our team consists of courageous engineers and creatives, who put their lives every day on the line experimenting with cold materials, founded in Naples, Florida! 

We use our decades of combined experience + advanced manufacturing techniques to get our products exactly where they need to be. We believe in never cutting corners and give the utmost benefit of the doubt to you, our customer. Our products are continuously being re-engineered, and re-imagined over at The City of The Coldest.


Below documents the intense battle against hot, as follows:

The war has been waging for years against our one true enemy, hot. There is no end in sight. We have lost much. Pictured above is our ambassadors riding valiantly into battle.

February 2019 

Behind the scenes, we work tirelessly to get our operations optimized. Pictured right, Madison fulfiling 2 day shipping.

September 14th, 2018 – Open Warfare

A trailer, a boat, and many trips later we had arrived at a remote island off of Florida waters.

We hauled supplies, ambassadors, coolers, bed frames, drinks, BBQ, to the island to make it happen. We thus, exists the beautiful photos we have listed here. There real!

*In modern days, a dozen horses = a truck

August 13th,2018 – Catapult technology

Our headquarters, over at the city of the coldest recieved a major upgrade.

This week, behind the scenes, we doubled our capacity as we continue to engineer and develop the coldest products

 This relentless mission started almost 4 years ago, and to us, its just the beginning. 
Thank you to all the ambassadors, fans, and customers who have made it possible thus far, and believed in our mission. We love you And will promise to continue to put your first, always.

To the next 20.

July 26th, 2018 – The Launch of the Coldest 1 Gallon

The Coldest 1 gallon finally arrives after being in development for over 2 years. Pre-orders shipped same day we received the first batch. Pictured in video are team members Ashley and Sergio.

June 4th, 2018 – The Armies of the North have heard our call and taken up arms!  Pictured with some of our crazy ambassadors enjoying a day out in the sun, Marco Island, Florida.

February 2018 – Building of the Coldest City

As engineers, We’re huge fans of Elon Musk. From Tesla to Spacex. Pictured right, we are painting our new fulfilment center like Teslas!

March 2018 – Flag has planted


Flags planted. We’re not here to take part. We’re here to take over. Join the movement.

Good vibes, always. Merica’


Feb 22, 2018: Updates on our new fulfilment center in Naples.


Pictured left, Kevin, our tier 2 ambassador retrofitting the new fulfillment warehouse

2017: Travel & Fitness Team reviews us. 

Thank you.

2016 – The Bronze Age

As our brand & products grew in popularity, they started gaining recognition for their high quality, some started to take notice. See us in the press.

2014 – The Stone Ages – The beginning of the war

These were the very rough years. Every day was a struggle to make it happen. The company, though built on fundamentals of high quality engineering, and the most superior products, was bootstrapped and under-financed. We used everything piece of savings we had and it was never enough. We had quit our engineering careers and The Coldest Water had been born.

Fulfillment and Shipping was was all done out of our 1 car garage. Not everything could fit so we used multiple storage units to haul inventory back and forth. Lets just say, at this time in the war against hot, we were barely holding on.

Pictured Right: Us hauling boxes of 21 oz water bottles to and from our storage units as there was not enough space.

When we palletized in a single car garage and squeezed every spare inch.(Funny looking back)

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