The Coldest Water was forged in 2014 in the midst of war against our one true enemy, hot. Our history is full of battles. Welcome to the archives.

We are an elite team of Coldest Engineers.

We have decades of combined engineering experience & advanced manufacturing techniques to get our products exactly where they need to be. We believe in never cutting corners and we give the utmost benefit of the doubt to you, our customer.

A Planet in Need of Our Help

In June of 2019, we realized the sun wasn’t our only enemy. We started the beach cleanup world-wide initiative. More 

September 2020 – State of The Coldest Water

8 months ago… when Covid hit, we were at around 8 people, 2 internally and 6 remotes.  Sales had dropped 90%. My local team had stopped coming to work in fear of Covid and started working remotely.  I was back at day one, 6 years ago, as if we lost all progress.
Because of government benefits 5 days later, 8 months ago
my remaining team wanted unemployment rather than remote employment. They left…
We were effectively in hibernation mode with Stark (me) fulfilling products on the empty assembly line. My mom and dad came in to help (what supportive parents). My mom was spraying clorox everywhere.. and I was like what is going onnnnnnnnnnn. The news changed how we thought, felt, and perceived everything.
Like many other business owners facing the pandemic, the entire business was in ruin. We cut all non-essential software, paused shipments, advertisements, endorsements, and other running costs eating the business alive.
For 14 days, I put on my headphones, listened to my favorite podcasts, and quickly went to Hogwards (the warehouse). There I’d fulfilled orders, ran logistics, and operated all areas of the business and went into survival mode. In the midst of this, inventory was super low. I had witnessed our logistics chains get absolutely destroyed, delayed, months leading up to this. The entire world had come to a screeching halt. Everyone was in fear and panic mode. 
Enough was enough. This is COLDEST. 14 days, 8 months ago
After 2 weeks in this though, I was sick of waiting for Covid to end. It was out of my control. We were burning cash through passive expenses faster than revenue was coming in. But what the heck. Lets go full gung-ho at it. Yolo – literally what I thought in my head. I told Joe, my twin- who heads Coldest Experience, “Lets send it.” I literally threw all my energy and remaining money against the Covid waves smashing in. I was fed up.  I was sick of watching the news, and hearing more and more bad news from around the world. 
I went full attack at the unknown, with an intense focus on calculated risks. PEW PEW PEW.  When no one was hiring, we started hiring. When no one was inventing, we were drawining up the next epic coldest products. Fast forward 240 days later, covid is still going on with no end in sight, and while most businesses stayed in hibernation/went out of business, We are charging forward with cautious optimism in continued expansion. Now at 120+ people full time, we can do a lot more, and we will. This rapid change will inevitably cause many things to break, and I encourage everyone to embrace it. It will be the new normal. Consider it awesome when things break. I tend to smile and get to work thinking about how can we make this more robust. So to this point I’ll say, love the chaos, and immerse yourself into it. It can be delightful.
You have always been our #1 priority, over selling our products, over making money, and over our own ego’s. Our main mission is to treat our customers like kings, and just ask for patience when things get rough. Our focus is relentless, on creating the best coldest products ever, even if it takes longer. 
Currently, I am scaling both the Local HQ in both space and local employees. Yesterday I was visiting several warehouses in search of our first main distribution hub with a min of 15,000 sq ft. In comparison, our current warehouse is 2400 sq ft.. This will likely require internal Coldest Trucks, manned by coldest team members who will drive them. We will do everything internal, just like Elon would do.
Lots of epic new inventions coming soon. Something big is coming. I love saying that not only because it’s true but because it gets me mad excited. There are so many really epic inventions in our pipeline, and they will be launching in the next 6 months. I believe that they will be the best in the market, by far, using some of the latest best coldest, engineering techniques known to man.
This rollercoaster is just beginning so get ready. It’s getting absolutely crazy and it is truly a pleasure to serve you all, every day, especially through the hard times.
David Stark
CEO/Engineer of The Coldest Water
P.S – Yes- The Darkest Coffee was created during bad times and “is a thing.” The Coldest is literally powered by freshly brewed darkest espressos. Not all my team drinks it, but I do. During Covid we decided to just come out with a darker, better and fresher tasting espresso – hence -well yes- The Darkest Coffee was born. We offer nearly free samples.(0.25 cents with any order) We’re pretty sure you’ll love it if you’re a true coffee aficionado. 

August 2020 – Team surprising David at 100k+ followers during COVID

During Covid we hired alot when no one was hiring. And designed new products when no one was inventing.

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Hackedd on IG. We lost 6 years of posts. Crazy story but we ended up finding the email of the hacker… whos from Turkey… emailed him and after dozens of emails later and blind ransom payments, we were able get it back. We lost 6 years of posts. But well bounce back. Faq: 💥How'd you get hacked? A team member clicked on a link.. and even with 2FA, and email verification, somehow bypassed instagrams security. Didn't make sense, but it all happened @instagram 💥Didnt the IG have phone number 2FA? Yes we had it enabled but it seems like there is a glitch in their security somewhere that allows bypass. There's alot of articles on it dating back to 2019.. 💥I got a dm from you in past 2 weeks, was it safe? No idea, assume it wasn't. We unsent around 100 dms that we saw were sent by the hacker. Moving forward we have reduced team on @instagram as we want to increase security and avoid link clicking specifically Please ignore any DMs from August 27th to September 3rd, we tried to unsend all of the ones sent but some may have still gotten through. 💥Did you try contacting instagram? We did. We emailed them via every channel we could. At one point we assigned 10 of our team to outreach of IG employees, and after weeks of no response, we decided to contact the hacker directly. They are probably inundated with stolen accounts.. can't really blame them for managing over 1B accounts. Please welcome Edona and Aubree to the team!! This was their first day P.s Its been a crazy week. Sorry for any confusion. Special thanks to @ghetto.spider for assistance and reaching out behind the scenes. #behindthescenes #team #struggleisreal

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January 2020: The Takeover

What do we have to bring for 2020? Our engineers lack sleep with their brains turning every waking moment of how to become the best. New colors, fun engravings, more sizes, more ice packs, more merch, more COLDEST!!

Pictured left, the COLDEST founder, David at our factory. David and fellow engineers traveled the world recently to figure out what the people want! We are here to take over and win this battle! 


It is 2020, which means improvements. Pictured below is our newest addition -ENGRAVINGS! 

We are ready to take on 2020 with fun engravings, new colors, and new sizes. The Coldest Team is working harder than ever… while having fun. 

  Headquarters located Florida means we fight the sun   everyday. Every once in a while The Team will go on an   adventure into the Gulf and brain storm. What better   environment for The Coldest Water Team than to be   surrounded by water. 

September 2019:

GALLONS, GALLONS, AND …GALLONS! Almost the whole color palate of gallons have arrived!


A War Waging for Years

The war has been waging for years against our one true enemy, hot. There is no end in sight. We have lost much. Pictured above is our ambassadors riding valiantly into battle.

February 2019: 

Behind the scenes, we work tirelessly to get our operations optimized. Pictured below, Madison fulfiling 2 day shipping.


August 13th, 2018 – Catapult technology

This week, behind the scenes, we doubled our capacity as we continue to engineer and develop the coldest products. This relentless mission started almost 4 years ago, and to us, its just the beginning.

Gallon Re-invented – July 26th, 2018

The Coldest 1 gallon finally arrives after being in development for over 2 years. Pre-orders shipped same day we received the first batch. Pictured in video are team members Ashley and Sergio.

June 4th, 2018:

The Armies of the North have heard our call and taken up arms!  Pictured with some of our crazy ambassadors enjoying a day out in the sun, Marco Island, Florida.

February 2018 – Building of the Coldest City

March 2018 – Flag has planted


Flags planted. We’re not here to take part. We’re here to take over. Join the movement.

Good vibes, always. Merica’



February 2017 – The Coldest City was born

David’s face on the day we got our first warehouse. This was February 2017, and with all our resources pooled, we put a down payment to bring design, engineering, development, and fulfillment under one roof.  Previous to this, (2014-2017) we had barely scraped through using 3 storage units around Naples, and driving back and forth to the 1 car garage for fulfillment. Most days were just spent loading and unloading a trailer. It’s how David got into such good shape.

2017: Travel & Fitness Team reviews us. 

Thank you.

2016 – The Bronze Age

As our brand & products grew in popularity, they started gaining recognition for their high quality, some started to take notice. See us in the press.

2014 – The Stone Ages – The beginning of the war

These were the very rough years. Every day was a struggle to make it happen. The company, though built on fundamentals of high quality engineering, and the most superior products, was bootstrapped and under-financed. We used everything piece of savings we had and it was never enough. We had quit our engineering careers and The Coldest Water had been born.

Fulfillment and Shipping was was all done out of our 1 car garage. Not everything could fit so we used multiple storage units to haul inventory back and forth. Lets just say, at this time in the war against hot, we were barely holding on.

Throwback to when we palatalized in a single car garage and squeezed every spare inch.(Funny looking back) Now we have multiple warehouses.

Everyday, David would travel back and forth from storage units to fulfil the 1 car garage as it was too tight.


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