We are a small start-up, founded in Naples, Florida! We believe in owning one bottle, to last you a very long time, while staying cold longer than any other bottle.

All of our products are designed, developed and built with extreme durability and coldness in mind. We use science + advanced manufacturing techniques, the highest quality materials, and continually test to improve the coldness every day.

We believe in creating epic experiences, and inventing new ways to keeping things colder.

The Coldest Water is proud to call Naples, Florida our home. With Florida’s awesome beaches, and year round gorgeous weather comes taxing extreme heat and sometimes dryness. The Coldest Water alleviates long hot days, with icy cold water at any time of the day.

We’re a small start-up making big changes! A typical day of work, involves everything from improving the product, designing new products, filing legal patents, improving the website, all the way to marketing, sales, and customer service.

It’s a lot of work! But we love it. We’re dedicated to our passion.

And when we’re not at work, we’re off to the beaches, which are less than 2 minutes away, where we’ll read books, jump in the great blue ocean, run in the warm sand, and play soccer on the beach!

We are always improving the ultimate experiences around coldness. Our core mission is to create The Coldest Water Experiences.

We’re dedicated to you, the customer first. In addition, our eco-initiatives have increased. We aim to plant sunflowers and trees for every bottle sold! If you think it’s a great idea, get in touch!

We need more help planting! I call it the “Sunflower Intiative!” See you guys around!

David Founder of The Coldest Water