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2019 – “Best for keeping water cold!

Not all water bottles are created equal. We’re here to help you choose the best insulated, reusable water bottles to reduce your plastic waste and for keeping drinks hot or cold

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We are truly honored!  Awarded  “Best Water Bottle” according to hyperenthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. (verified purchases)

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We are truly honored!  Awarded the “Best Water bottle for keeping water cold

With up to 36 hours of icy cold water, the Coldest Water Sports Bottle 21 oz Water Bottle ensures that your water remains as cold as possible, even in the hottest of temperatures outside.”

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Video review by Travel & Fitness, The Coldest Water Bottle Review. Throughout our travels it has been essential for us to bring our own water to places. Griff has the 64oz Monsta Growler & Alyssa has the 32oz Growler

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“The Coldest Water bottle really lives up to its name. Literally. With up to 36-plus hours of icy water, and a money back guarantee to match, it talks a big game and backs it up.

Built with premium grade stainless steel and interior vacuum insulation, the liquid is trapped within the double walls, staying cold all day, regardless of the outdoor temperature. The structure fits regulation cup holders, so it’s easy to take with you on the road, and it has a handle on lid to attach so you can attach it to a bag, and also floats, for use while swimming, rafting, etc.

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“I’ve never written a review before, but I had to make this my first one. This water bottle is EXACTLY what it advertises itself to be. It’s amazing! I filled it with water and ice at 8 a.m., and at 8 p.m., it’s still freezing cold, without being in the fridge or freezer at all. It’s been with me in room temperature the whole day, and I accidentally spilled it on myself and thought it was the ice-bucket challenge all over again.”

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The ups and downs of this winter have all of us in need of some sun and sand. Good thing early spring getaways aren’t just for the kids! Before jet-setting on your vacay, check out these fun essentials for your tropical destination.

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“#1 Bottle of 2017” – Business Insider

From S’well to Hydro Flask to Klean Kanteen, I’ve owned and tried almost every popular insulated water bottle brand available today.

There’s only one I swear by in the summer, however, and it’s not a well-known brand.

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Top 4 essential music festival accessories

Music festival season is upon us once again. That means it’s time to break free from cuffing season and break out your festival camping gear. 

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