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8000+ verified reviews and counting.

Best Ice Pads !...

Over time this turned out that this ice pad is the Best of all the 6 ice pads I have which I have to use multiple times daily. I have 2 of these now for approx 2 years and now have ordered 2 more to replace 2 of another brand I have.


Great size and cold enough to be effective with a barrier between the skin and the pack..

I purchased this for my husband, to help locally manage the temperature (metabolism and sensory) of an area when he has an acute, systemic allergy flare-up, which usually starts with hand-itching that eventually progresses to the rest of his body (no anaphylaxis).

Zon Customer.

Best Ice Pack On The Market!

This ice pack is by far the best I have ever used in my life! I have chronic back pain/neck pain that I have had for several years, this ice pack gives me so much relief after a long day at work. It is large enough to cover almost my entire back, I can even go to take a nap and wake up hours later and it is still cold! I am debating buying a second one to have!!

Taylor Call





Our mission from the beginning was to build the very coldest best ice pack for neck, for injuries, for back and for chiropractors. We are continuously re-engineering and re-thinking the best ways to do this. 5 years later, customers took notice, with over 5000 verified reviews, numerous media outlets discovering us organically, and a relentless persistence towards building the best ice packs.


After testing dozens of formulas, and being engineers and athletes ourselves, we discovered the perfect formula that we loved most. Buy ice pack online
as our ice packs are specifically timed to last about 20 minutes of maximum coldness to aid in faster recovery your sprains. They are specific use of best ice pack for recovery. Some are only meant for cold therapy, while others can be used for both hot and cold applications

buy ice pack for injuries


The Coldest Ice Packs are FDA Approved in the United States.


Our facility is fully registered and compliant with the FDA, here in Naples, Florida.



BEST in the market
By Halil

"This ice pack is BEST in the market! I always used them after my soccer games great way to recovery and they keep super cold for about 20-30 min. Soones I feel really good with first one I got second one! No more shin splints or pulled muscles."

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Best Ice pack I've bought, and I've bought a lot Hand so down the best ice pack I've ever purchased.
June 13th, 2018, Jenna

I had a car accident and have been dealing with a bulged disk, SI pain, and sciatica. I have bought ice packs of every fill (gel, flaxseed, corn, rice), cover, and shape. This one stays cold for 3x as long, feels comfortable against my skin with the cover, has multiple straps to keep it where I want it, and is large enough to cover my entire pain area. If your area is smaller you can easily fold it since it doesn't really get stuff like some others. The only downside is that this one you can't heat up. But I wpuldnt sacrifice the level of cold to have it able to heat. I can just buy another kind since popping one in the microwave is quick even if it doesn't last long. Freezing something takes time. But honestly this one gets cold pretty fast. Upon delivery it even felt slightly cold. Love it!!! View ice pack verified review

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Who are they for?
Our Ice Packs, (Gel Pack) were initially built for Professional Athletes in high performing sports. We recommend it to all athletes and high performers for pain relief, injury recovery, injury treatment and regular soreness from a hard days work.

Buy ice pack for injuries as our Ice Packs are famous for helping many recover from:

Knee Injuries, ACL tears, ACL Sprains, Ankle Sprains, Back Pain, Muscle pains, stomach aches, stiff neck, Calves, Quads, Sports injuries, general soreness and pain relief.

Which Ice Pack should I buy?
We have both general and specific based ice packs. You will want to select the general ones for broader purposes, and specific ones if your dealing with a specific injury. We have put together an entire knowledge base on sports injuries so you can improve your recovery time faster. View Sports Injuries A-Z and IcePacks Recoveries