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Full Body Ice Pack

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Large Ice Pack w/Wrap


The Coldest Ice Pack – Large


The Coldest Ice Pack Gel Reusable – Hot + Cold Therapy


Ankle Ice Pack

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Knee Ice Pack

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Neck Gel Ice Pack

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The Coldest Ice Pack with Wrap – Cold Therapy

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Small Cooling Gel Pack No Wrap (5.5 x 7) 2 Pack

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Wrist Ice Pack

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8000+ verified reviews and counting.
Keeps the ice, keeps the H2O cold, best insulated bottle...

I’ve tried several so-called, keep ’em cold bottles, here in hot Arizona as a bicyclist. This is the first one that lives up to its billing. I put in ice water and an hour later, it still has ice in it! All the other bottles, including CamelBak’s Big Chill and a host of others. This is in temps that are in the high 90’s. I’ve had bottles that didn’t even hold the ice in temps of low 70’s.

Amanda R. Kent.
Best bottle I've owned so far...

2 years later and this bottle is kicking ass. Still keeps my drinks cold all day long. I think this is the best water bottle I have ever purchased! I work outdoors in some extreme heat. I like a cool/cold refreshing drink and a durable bottle that fits in the holder on my Scag Patriot mower. I found it with The Coldest Water Sports Bottle.

Big Paulie G.
This really IS the coldest water bottle!

This really IS the coldest water bottle! I like my water cold…really cold! I typically freeze my water bottles and drink the water as it melts. I usually have to trade the bottles out because they get warm before I have finished them. No more! In the morning I fill it to the top with ice then pour water over the ice. I continue to add water as needed throughout the day and I have still had ice in it the following afternoon!

ice pack 2


Molds to body while staying cold for faster recovery.

COLD USE  is recommended for the first 48 hours following the injury. Apply pack for up to 20 minutes max at a time. Store the gel pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours


Hot therapy should not be used until 48 hours after the injury. Hot Water Heating Immerse pack in the hot water for approximately 10 minutes Microwave Heating Heat at full power for 30 seconds.

100% Happiness Guaranteed!


Knee, Hamstring, Cervical, Neck, Lumbar, Hips, Shins, Arm, Foot, Calves and more.

Achilles Tendon, Ankle Injury, Hamstring Injury, Knee Injury, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow

What makes The Coldest Water feel so magical?

The science & engineering behind the scenes.
Most products you have are average. We hate that. When we build a product, we look to re-think how we can do it better, colder and more superior. We are an elite team of engineers based in Naples, Florida working day and night to invent the coldest, most superior products. 5 years later, and many patents filed, The Coldest Bottle, The Coldest Cooler, The Coldest Ice Packs, and The Darkest Coffee was born. Some call it ‘game-changing’ but we just want to build products we are proud of, that we love and use every day, which ultimately, create less waste for the planet…..



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All products are backed by The Coldest Guarantee

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Use extreme caution when using with hot liquids. Depending on altitude, pressure, temperature, and other factors may affect bottle and performance.


  • Do not apply directly onto skin. Always use shirt, or sleeve, or cloth unless doctor recommended.
  • If Icepack breaks or leaks, discard. 
  • Ice pack is not edible.


  • Apply for 20 minutes at a time with 20 minutes in between.


Our mission from the beginning was to build the very coldest best ice pack for neck, for injuries, for back and for chiropractors. We are continuously re-engineering and re-thinking the best ways to do this. 5 years later, customers took notice, with over 5000 verified reviews, numerous media outlets discovering us organically, and a relentless persistence towards building the best ice packs.


After testing dozens of formulas, and being engineers and athletes ourselves, we discovered the perfect formula that we loved most.
Buy ice pack online as our ice packs are specifically timed to last about 20 minutes of maximum coldness to aid in faster recovery your sprains. They are specific use of best ice pack for recovery. Some are only meant for cold therapy, while others can be used for both hot and cold applications


The Coldest Ice Packs are FDA Approved in the United States.


Our facility is fully registered and compliant with the FDA, here in Naples, Florida.



BEST in the market By Halil “This ice pack is BEST in the market! I always used them after my soccer games great way to recovery and they keep super cold for about 20-30 min. Soones I feel really good with first one I got second one! No more shin splints or pulled muscles.” View verified ice pack review Best Ice pack I’ve bought, and I’ve bought a lot Hand so down the best ice pack I’ve ever purchased. June 13th, 2018, Jenna I had a car accident and have been dealing with a bulged disk, SI pain, and sciatica. I have bought ice packs of every fill (gel, flaxseed, corn, rice), cover, and shape. This one stays cold for 3x as long, feels comfortable against my skin with the cover, has multiple straps to keep it where I want it, and is large enough to cover my entire pain area. If your area is smaller you can easily fold it since it doesn’t really get stuff like some others. The only downside is that this one you can’t heat up. But I wpuldnt sacrifice the level of cold to have it able to heat. I can just buy another kind since popping one in the microwave is quick even if it doesn’t last long. Freezing something takes time. But honestly this one gets cold pretty fast. Upon delivery it even felt slightly cold. Love it!!!
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As seen in the press

As our brand & products grew in popularity, we started gaining recognition for our high quality, and some started to take notice.

Who are they for?
Our Ice Packs, (Gel Pack) were initially built for Professional Athletes in high performing sports. We recommend it to all athletes and high performers for pain relief, injury recovery, injury treatment and regular soreness from a hard days work.

Buy ice pack for injuries as our Ice Packs are famous for helping many recover from:

Knee Injuries, ACL tears, ACL Sprains, Ankle Sprains, Back Pain, Muscle pains, stomach aches, stiff neck, Calves, Quads, Sports injuries, general soreness and pain relief.

Which Ice Pack should I buy?
We have both general and specific based ice packs. You will want to select the general ones for broader purposes, and specific ones if your dealing with a specific injury. We have put together an entire knowledge base on sports injuries so you can improve your recovery time faster. View Sports Injuries A-Z and IcePacks Recoveries