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The Coldest Dog Bowl

Celestial Blue
Epic White
Sahara Peach
Stealth Black

Dogs deserve the best gear too. As dog owners ourselves, we wanted to build the best dog bowl. This meant ~ A dog bowl that would survive the test of time, your last dog bowl. Engineered with True Coldest Steel, and polished by hand, our dog bowls are beautiful. They are heavier than most dog bowls, as we did not skip on materials. Our non-skid, non-slip rubber base allows your dogs to eat/drink, without making a hot mess. This not only saves on food, but also cleanup time. On top of that, you can full send, and engrave your dog’s name right on their bowl.  We do all engraving’s same day by hand. This makes for the ultimate pet bowl.

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Coldest Custom Pet Collars


The Coldest Dog Collar, was built with the frustration of having dozens of dog collars destroyed over the years from wear and tear. Dogs chewing on them, and simply just falling off. Equipped with ultra durable materials and metals, The Coldest Pet Collar is 5x more durable and extremely comfortable for your doggie. We also offer optional engraving, and can engrave the dog’s name and your phone number.

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