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Proper Percentage of Water in the Body

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Proper Percentage of Water in the Body

Water: A Universal Fact

Water is the fundamental criterion for the existence of life. Life in any part of the universe can exist beside earth if there is water. Every living organism contains a certain percentage of water. Hence ‘Water is Life’ is not just a saying but a universal fact.

Water: TBW

The human body is consists of a considerable amount of water. By weight, roughly a little less than two-thirds of our body mass consists of water and called in short TBW (Total Body Water) and the popular and traditional technique of determining the percentage of TBW is by BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis).

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Water: Location & Homeostasis

According to Netter’s Atlas of Human Physiology, two-thirds of the water in our body is present as Intracellular fluids while the rest one-third as Extracellular fluid. Plasma comprised 20% of the Extracellular fluid, while the rest 80% is present as interstitial fluid. This Plasma is the major constituent of blood. That acts as a carrier fluid of the essential components like White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets throughout the body.  Around 5 liters (approx.) of blood circulates in an adult body. And the tendency of our body to maintain and ensure the proper fluid balance of its internal system is a feature of homeostasis. Keep the Coldest Water Bottle with for consistent supply of cold water.

Water: The Proper Percentage (%)

According to a research analysis, studying over a wide range of samples of varied age. It ranges from infant to senior citizen, both sexes, amount of fat content in the body, health condition, etc. It revealed that an adult human body consists of an average of 65% of water by weight. But there is no proper percentage of the total body water as a substantial deviation in the percentage of body water observed based on a number of factors like age, health, adiposity, gender, etc.


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The weight of an infant comprised of nearly as high as three-fourths (73%) percentage of water. Whereas the water content in the body decreases with the increase of age.


The average body water constitutes 60% (approx.) by weight of an adult male. It varies in the range of (50 to 66) % for the samples collected. In the case of an adult female, the average is 50% (approx.) by weight. That varies in the range of (42 to 54) % for the samples collected.


The water content of the body can affect certain health conditions. Like disorder of the heart, kidneys, liver or the syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone secretion tends to retain more water in the body. However, in the case of diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, or Addison disease, water is excreted out of the body as urine. You must ensure to keep the Coldest Water Bottle along with you for a regular supply of cold water.

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The fat content of the body or adiposity is a major factor related to its percentage of water content by weight. The reason behind is that fat tissues or the lean tissues both do not retain as much water as less as 10%. Hence in the case of some samples of obese people, water content by weight was found to be as low as 45%.

Water: An Implication

The other issues that may alter the above recorded statistical analysis. They are a geographical location, number of collected samples, the category of age, a different set of the population, etc. But, the one and the foremost implication that can be drawn from the survey. That says one should hydrate frequently in order to maintain a proper percentage of water so internal fluid balance for a healthy life. The nutrition experts suggest that everyone must keep the coldest water bottle to stay hydrated.



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