5 Weeks To Have A Gods Body


Ok heres the story, Got a big party in about 5 weeks and whos coming? the girl of my dreams thats who, so basically I’m semi fit, bit of fat around my mid but apart from that Im good but still I wanna look awesome 4 this party, ripped Abs and muscles, the works.

1. Can it be done?
2. HOW? I have everything I need at my disposal,

Please help

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It can’t be done. You can probably lose six pounds in five weeks. Any more then that and it isn’t really fat that you can see on your body that you lost it is just water and crap you will gain back.

If you do intense aerobic and weight training you will gain muscle and lose weight at the same time so the scale won’t tell you anything.

Two months is the minimum to see any change.

But the biggest thing (and this is real) is that if you work out and exercise you will get a boost in confidence that the female picks up on more then you even know and working out builds more testosterone.

So with more confidence and more testosterone from the five weeks of getting in shape it will do you good for the big night.

But for sure no you won’t see nothing in five weeks. Anyone who tells you that is lying. If you starve yourself you will screw up your motabalism lose muscle and gain back fat. And if you weight train to hard you will damage your muscle.

Just start bench pressing and doing squats and curls like a madman and jog. Don’t eat less just eat healthy you need the extra calories to gain muscle.

However if you do make points with her that night in a very short time after that you (and her) will begin to see results but only if you start now.

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wont make any diff kiddo!
Be happy and confident about who you are. She’ll like that more than perfect abs.

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You should be sore everyday either your lower body or upper body should be sore at any given time.

Body building is nothing more then damaging muscle tissue and then letting it heal stronger but you don’t want to damage it again before it can heal. This is called “over training”. You want to switch areas you work out so that one part of your body is always healing while you work on the other.

Do your muscles get sore a day or two after?

Are you increasing weight? That is key.

You need to make your “workout routine”.

I am (was) a bodybuilder. I can help you.

Don’t think working out will do magic powers on this girl. That could be a mistake to.

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If you work out but do not give your muscles the extra protein (amino acids) to rebuild as working out demands then your recovery and results will not be as good.

The more demand on your muscles the more protein you need. Be carful when you go buy supplements. It has always been very popular to sell young men since my grandfather was a kids stuff that is nothing more then a dream in a bottle and some of it is bad for you.

Amino acids is one supplement that all pro athletes and trainers have agreed on for a very long time. The rest is hard work a good routine and using your head and being CONSISTENT.

Alot of weight and with less reps = Big bulky muscles

Less weight and more reps= more cut and defined muscles

The guy in the picture looks like he does abs more than anything else. The problem with abs is no matter how many crunches you do it does not take away any fat that might be covering up a sixpack you have been working on for months.

For that six pack look you have to first have a sixpack and then have no fat covering that sixpack up.

This is called you “fat muscle ratio” or “body fat percentage”.

It is very tricky to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. By nature these two thing defeat eachother. They are opposites.

Inless you start getting fat stick with the routine that is working for you. You are most likely at that age where you are growing and will lose fat anyway. I can say with confidence that any low calorie will be very bad for your physical development.

People that want the body of a god usually end up on steroids or feeling like something is wrong with them. This also is a very counter productive mistake for all the reasons you are working out.

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are you getting any aerobic exercise in with all of the weight training? Walking, jogging, biking, swimming (although swimming can also be anaerobic)? Those do help with weight but like Amigo said, you won’t lose too much. The only people who lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time are people like me who are starting from a point of needing to lose a lot more — and even then the first few weeks are mainly water, then the body settles into a 1 – 2 lb./week pace. You can restrict calories, but since you’re lifting that much and you’re young and male, I suspect that will do you more harm than good.

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