does Weight training hinder growth?


does Weight training hinder growth?

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Weight training does not hinder growth. That is just a myth. Most guys will grow to be about as tall as their dad,
regardless if they workout with weights or not. I started weight training when I was 12 years old and I’m just as tall as
my dad and all my uncles so it obviously never hindered my growth.

A properly designed strength training program can improve the strength, increase cardiorespiratory fitness, increase
flexibility, improve motor fitness performance, improve body composition, increase resistance to injury, decrease the
time for rehabilitation, increase sports performance, increase adherence to physical activity, and stimulate a more
positive attitude.

Another benefit of strength training is that it may also help improve grades in school. Regular exercise enhances
mental health and well-being. This helps to develop your ability to focus and concentrate. Many schools now offer
weight training in their gym classes.

Remember that with any type of physical activity there are risks. However, the benefits of being active and fit greatly
outweigh these risks. Weight training offers no greater risk than other sports or forms of physical activity. Teaching
teens to be active at an early age is crucial if they are to continue living an active lifestyle in adulthood. Weight
training is another option that parents and teachers should consider when promoting physical activity for teens.

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