How do I lose weight?


Hey to everyone,
How do I lose weight quick, I’m 13, female, and I weigh 171 Crying or Very sad ! I really don’t think that is normal Evil or Very Mad for a 13 year old girl weight! I need to know a easy Smile diet plan and work Embarrassed out plan! Plz if a n-e 1 knows how to help Rolling Eyes me out, I really could use use it! Because I need to get to 103 😉 , that is a normal weight for me!

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Talk to a doctor first. Really. Any advice you get here won’t be able to take into account your specific health needs.

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Yep, talk to your doctor before you do anything.

But the only way to lose weight is to eat low calorie foods like fruit and veg and a bit of meat.Combine that with excersise and you should lose weight.

Consuming too many calories a day and not burning them off will mean you put on weight.
Eat sensibly and your weight will remain constant.
Eat sensibly and exercise and you should lose weight.

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What works for me
First of all, get this into your head: There’s no quick way that will last.
It takes a certain degree of disipline for awhile, until it becomes natural.
You need to learn to Balance.
If the above didn’t scare you off, read on Very Happy

I’m 26. I’m 5’11. I weigh just under 170. I haven’t weighed this little since the 7th or 8th grade.
About 2 months ago, when I weighed 190-195 (it changed a lot), I decided to make a change, and it was going to have to last. I couldn’t do diets anymore, they never worked for me. Why? Because after I lost the weight, I would eat like I did before the diet and put the weight right back on. I had to dig deeper, and I knew it.

One day at Subway I picked up one of their little menus that lists the calories etc for all of their sandwiches, just out of curiosity. I was stunned to read that a 6 inch Club only has like 320 calories (plus it has like 20 or so grams of protein)! I thought to myself “I love their Club sandwiches! They’re good, they fill you up, they’re good for you! This is it, I’ve got to change my diet!”.
The easy part for me to changing my diet was the fact that this Subway resturant is only a block from my office. So I figured I’d eat one Subway sandwich in the morning, sometime between 9am & 10am, and another around 2pm to 3pm. Limiting my calorie intake to below 700 calories a day.

I also started working out to complimet my new diet. I knew if I could limit my calories that much, without going home everyday and gorging myself with food, the weight would fall off. And it did, I lost 15-20 pounds in a matter of weeks. Then the wieght stopped falling off a couple weeks ago. I figured I must be building a lot of muscle mass, and I was right, because I’m really starting to see it now Very Happy.

One other thing that I think has really helped me is, if I go out to eat with some friends/family or there’s some type of special occasion, I’ll eat whatever I want, be it a nice big juicy steak (MMM!), cake, whatever. I figured this would be a wise choice for a few reasons. For one, it will help me not to get burned out on my regular eating habits. Two, I think it’s good to have variety in your diet (whether the foods good or bad). It’s just a matter of balance Very Happy

I hope this short story helps, or inspires you somehow. You CAN do it, but you have to change the way you eat, seriously. Find some good foods you like, make a little plan for yourself and stick to it.
Have patience, give it time, and I promise, the weight will come off. The reason I say “come off”, instead of “fall off” is because most females don’t lose wieght as easily as males. It’s just the way most of us are built.
The reason I bring it up is because my older sister had a baby about 9 years ago and she’s been struggling with her weight ever since. Now that she’s seen the weight more or less fall off of me, I can tell she got a little discouraged because she works out so hard and it doesn’t come off… she knows she needs to change her diet, but she won’t, or, she doesn’t know how I guess.

Oh, I really think if you let your mother know how much it bothered you, she may bring you to see the doctor. That really is the best route. If the doctor makes you feel fat, it’s because YOU think you’re fat. The doctor isn’t doing it to you, YOU’RE doing it to you.
What I’m describing is working for a 26yr old guy. My guess is it should work for you to, but it’s best you take the safest route.

– There’s no quick way that lasts (repeat this in your head 10 times!)
– Disipline
– Balance
– Change the way you eat/diet
– Get active somehow, workout, play a sport , rollerskate (I have no idea what 13yr old girls do, sorry)
– A litte variety in your diet is ALRIGHT…the other 90% of the time you’re sticking with your little diet plan.
– Have patience
– Don’t become discouraged. If you give it an honest effort and nothing happens, try altering slightly or designing a new plan. People I know call me “Jared” (ie Jared from the Subway commercials) now because I tell them how I did/do it. I won’t let them phase me.
– Please speak with a doctor, they know better than I. This is just what works for me.

Oh, I’d just like to note, I have no affiliation with Subway other then eating their sandwiches everyday.

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As many have said, there is no quick way to lose weight.
First of all get the word “diet” out of your head. Setting yourself on a “diet” is a great way to fail. I cheated on my “diet”. I can’t eat that, I’m on a “diet”. Then, when you end up slipping, you feel bad about yourself and end up quitting your “diet” or go on a bender of starvation in order to “make up” for your failure.

The word, or words you need to focus on is lifestyle change. You need to change your eating habits and your exercise habits. Your body is growing still so cutting calories below what is recommended for a healthy diet is not an option. Eating better foods and not snacking on chips, cookies and soft drinks is an option.

I know you don’t want to see a doctor but honestly, there isn’t much other way to determine what is best for YOU. Your body is going to react differently than my body to food and exercise. I might be able to drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks (unlikely if done in a healthy manner) but it might take you twice as long. What so many people forget is that you are NOT in competition with anyone else and what someone else can do in 1 month you might not be able to do.

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am i overweight for my age?
i am 13 and i weigh almost 160 pounds. i want to lose weight so i will look good for the semi formal dance at the end of the year. i went shopping for my dress the other day and i got really selfconsious. i want to lose 42 pounds by next month so this really hot boy named myles will ask me to the dance but he likes my friend kayla he told me that he would probably go with me he said i had a pretty face but he didn’t want to be seen with me in public and that i was to fat. that day i went home in school and cried! sometimes i think that if i didn’t eat at all i would become thin but it hasn’t worked i just get so hungry that after i haven’t eaten for acouple of hours i stuff myself with food i get sick! my mom said that i am not overweight i am just chubby but i have been doing gymnastics for four years and last week my coach told me that if i didn’t lose weight that they would kick me off the team and i wouldn’t be able to compete anymore and im not bad at gymnastics im actually pretty good at it but i think if i lost about 50 pounds i would be even better! even if i do excersise and diet i always seem to gain more weight and i dont want to! since i have started gaining weight i have developed social anxiety. it has gotten worse lately and i think that is part of ther problem i just want to know if i am fat please some one tell me i need to know! and maby then i wont feel so bad about myself if i know that one person in the world doesn’t think that i’m fat!

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