How many times should I work out ?


OKay, so I weight 170ish
and im 5’6
I’d like to know how long I should be working out for
and how many times weekly.. to lose some weight
and what excersizes do you reccommend
things i can do at home that dont involve equiptment..
thank you

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My basic exercise is running. It’s what I use to keep my weight under
control. It works for me, but I know it’s not everybody’s cup of
tea. But I’m going to assume that running is ok with you.

A lot depends on what kind of shape you are in to start with. I’ll
assume that you are basically a healthy person and don’t have any
medical condition that would keep you from running. It would be a
good idea to talk with a doctor before starting an exercise program,
even if you think you’re healthy.

I’ll also assume you are not especially fit. So you’ll have to start
with walking/jogging and work your way up to running.

I recommend working out five days a week. Alternate days of working
hard with days of working a bit easier. But rest days are very
important and so are “easy” days. The old bod’ needs recovery time.

Here’s a suggested first week:

Day 1 — a 30-minute walk. A walk, not a stroll. You should be
breathing heavier than usual, but you shouldn’t get out of breath. Find
a pace that gets your breathing going and stay with it. Stretch out

Day 2 — another 30-minute walk, but at a slightly slower pace. But
still, not a leisurely stroll.

Day 3 — a 30-minute walk with “intervals”. Walk for ten minutes,
then jog for 1 minute and walk for 3 minutes. Do that 4 more times
(i.e. 1 minute jog, 3 minute walk). Don’t try to jog too fast.

Day 4 — rest

Day 5 — a thirty minute walk. The first 10 minutes should be easy.
The second ten minutes should be at a vigorous pace. Go fast enough
to feel you are really working hard, but not out of breath. You
should feel like you could talk, but not sing. Then finish off with
an easy ten minutes.

Day 6 — Same as Day 2.

Day 7 — Rest.

Maybe you feel this is far too easy for you. If so, let’s talk again.
If it sounds reasonable, then give it a try and let’s talk at the end
of the week.

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It is variable, there are athletes that practice daily.

You must define the objective.

Is this objective a specific aesthetics?
Is this objective a specific performence and function?

Nutritional practices may also be applied to satisfy the required conditions.

Perhaps you should practice circuits, anaerobically, whilst also utilise sprints, which will increase anabolism and function, furthermore epoc.

Practice several phases of circuits, such as push ups, bycycle crunches, burpees, perhaps also utilise isometric and plometric variations, furthermore sprinting at the end of the phases (stairs, street, high incline on a treadmill…ect).
Repeat, 2-4 phases, including sprints, which may be 30-60 duration.

Frequency, intensity and volume is subject to mass, and will determine the stimulation of aerobic and anaerobic pathways.

This is a fuzzy concept, however it is practical.

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Try the anti-inflammation diet. It works well with exercising.

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The most important thing is to pick an exercise routine that you will enjoy enough to keep doing. You will lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat. There are lots of ways to burn calories– just pick one and stick with it.

So choose an exercise routine that is convenient for you, and that you enjoy. That way you will stick with it. Consistency is more important than specific exercises.

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It is depend upon weight goal. Work out time is not same for every one, every person is quit difficult from others so work out time also difficult. But 30 mints consider a normal time for ever one.
You can do till you are not satisfy from work out.

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