I am SO FRUSTRATED.!! Help me out


I am SO FRUSTRATED….. this Saturday will be a month I’ve been food logging and calorie restricting and I’ve only lost 7 lbs.

Here’s my calorie intake for last 2 weeks for example

1. 815.
2. 1045
3. 1264
4. 557
5. 838
6. 760
7. 795
8. 969
9. 752
10. Didn’t count had a “cheat day” but didn’t go too nuts …. Bunch of sushi, 2 chocolates, a cookie…… Estimate probably 1800
11. 811
12. 995
13. 664
14. 995

On day one of that 2 would period I weighed EXACTLY WHAT I WEIGH THIS MORNING…….
that number only fluctuated down 3.5 lbs during those 2 weeks

Am I insane???? My calories in is FAR less than calories out …..

Please do not inbox me w advertisements for your home business. Only looking for educated answers, not old wives tales.

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Your calories in are too low. Your body may be in “starvation mode” and storing fat. You shouldn’t be eating so few calories, even if you are unintentionally doing it.
Scales are not a great way of measuring weight loss- sometimes you loose cm and gain muscle which is heavier than fat. Another reason why I say scales aren’t the best way to track weight loss is because of water retention as well. Measuring tape is better.

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Calculate your base metabolic rate (BMR) to find the calories per day your body needs just function…your intake is far too low so your body is holding on to the calories you eat because it thinks you are starving. I startd losing once I added protein and was eating at 3 hour intervals thru the day.

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7 lbs in 2 weeks isn’t bad, maybe exercise more. In a month that would be 14 lbs, which is good.

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