I want to lose 25 kg in 3 months


I want to lose 25 kg in 3 months because I am going to meet my in-laws for the first time. What should I do?

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First of all you need to figure out how many calories you burn per day.

Let’s say for example you burn 2000 calories per day. So your job is to follow a diet where in you consume only up to 1500 calories per day such that you burn 500 calories each day. which results in burning 3500 calories per week i.e. ~1 pound (~0.45 kilogram). Similarly if you burn 2500 calories per day and consume 1500 calories or lets say you intake only 1000 calories per day and burn 2000 calories then you burn 1000 calories each day which is 7000 calories per week i.e. ~2 pound (~0.90 kilogram). hence you lose ~1 kg per week.

Now you need to plan your calorie intake and amount of calorie to be burnt in a day so that you lose 25 kg in 3 months.

It will be difficult and you may loose focus

Hence set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail. Make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish the goal. Break the goal down into smaller pieces and set intermediary targets and rewards.

Fat Burners fall into the category of supplements and supplements are just what they are called. They are a supplement to your diet! Through your diet you can manipulate your body and get the desired effects without supplements. Losing weight naturally is one of the best way ever!!!

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You can easily loose approx 20 kg weight in 3-4 months, but you need to follow tight schedule or exercise plan to achieve the goal.

1 Burn calories

2. Regular exercise approx 60 minutes daily

3 Used fat burner nutrition such as Green tea (3 times in a day)

4 Eat moderate amounts of 100% whole grains

5 Drink adequate amounts of fluid.

6 Doing Physical activity Daily

7 Weight yourself weekly

8 Meet With your personal trainer 2 times in week

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  • Drink as much of water as you can. Prefer to drink hot water
  • Eat Cucumber/Tomato sandwiches in breakfast with one cup of tea/coffee.
  • Have an Apple ready at 11am. Do not exceed lunch after 2pm.
  • Must have – 2 chapatis/ sabji/ Dal (change the variety every day).
  • Do not forget to have a salad in your lunch.
  • Have 3 Marigold biscuit @ 4pm with tea/coffee.
  • You can have another fruit in between 4pm to 7pm.
  • Make your habit to eat Dinner before 9pm. Do not eat DAL in Dinner.
  • Avoid protein at night.
  • Do not forget to drink 3-4 ltr water daily.
  • Try to change the Menu every forth day. This will help you to stick with the plan.
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For such a diet or fitness plan what we require to know would be your age, weight or BMI in general and if there is any medical problem or injury you have sustained.

25 Kgs in three months cannot be guaranteed but we can definitely come up to an end where you would definitely be feeling more confident and comfortable with yourself.

  1. Say NO to alcohol, sugar, preserved foods and oil.
  2. Say YES to veggies, brown bread, brown rice, non-veg (if you are one). Follow a simple and strict diet.

NOTE: Do a progressive diet but not suddenly or there are chances of you collapsing. It is not good for your health.

Add progressive training according to your stamina. later, after a month some weight lifting. For example: 1st month cardio only; 2nd month weight training and very little cardio to trigger heart rate; 3rd month cardio and weight training with HIIT mix technique between the sets.

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Losing weight is a difficult task and you can do it only if you’re completely committed to it .These is a few pointers you must follow
1. Have green tea at least twice a day, once before working out and once before sleeping.
2. Break your 3 time meal into 6 meals. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water. Go for cardio in the morning itself before breakfast. Start having oats in your breakfast.
3. After 2 hours of your breakfast have some fruits. Avoid chikoo and don’t eat more than 1 banana in a day.
4. Have 2 chapati without ghee with some sabzi of your choice in lunch.
5. Don’t skip weight training and also do exercises for your core.
6. Have something high in protein and low in fat after working out.
7. Eat only papaya in your dinner.

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