I have a question…I have watched FOK…I am fascinated where that woman mentions about “Milk having to be low fat or
fat free”Then Dr. Campbell mentions the more the fat is lowered the more the protein…the more protein the more the
increased chance of osteoporosis (he mentions the leaching of the minerals process) …my question is is this process
exclusive to Milk? If you have a plant protein low in fat but high in protein (such as pea protein or peanut powder) does
the same phenomena occur?

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The healthiest way to eat is consuming the whole food. Dr. Campbell does not approve of protein isolates like pea protein
powder. Total daily protein should be somewhere in the range of 10% of calories. That’s about 50 grams on a 2000 cal diet.
. The long-lived and extraordinarily healthy Blue Zone Okinawans had a diet with about 9% of calories from protein.

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