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Hi! Are there any endurance athletes here?

I’m trying to go completely plant based, but struggle with race/training nutrition and removing dairy (sometimes crave
yogurt or cheese on big workout days).

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I am a long time endurance athlete 6X Ironman finisher blah, blah,blah… now in my 60’s I still routinely train 15 hours
weekly. I describe myself to friends who ask as “migrating in the direction of whole foods plant based.” That said, I eat
far less meat and dairy than I used to and I am always looking for meatless meals that are completely satisfying. Here is
my new favorite. Lentils and rice with avocado, tomatoes and hummus and hot sauce. Very filling and satisfying. If I had
more meals like this I think I would feel less inclined to add chicken or salmon to a salad.

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