I have a question concerning a colonoscopy, my husband has been vegan for at least 5 years and is scheduled for one of
those procedures in a month. However, the foods he can not eat three days prior to the colonoscopy are what he eats every
day. What in the world can he do?

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I refuse the procedure, since the diet recommended for 7 days prior is awful. I have been primarily vegetarian for 40
years, and plant based more recently the last 4 years. I dont respect our medical doctors and the expensive procedures they
recommend. If more people would change their diet, eat whole foods, then maybe the medical establishment would not bankrupt
our citizens. I have had unnecessary surgery, multiple doctors with different theories of my problem. My trust in medical
doctors is diminished. Now the doctor called recently about high potassium in my lab result. Does she tell me any
informative information, no. I had to eliminate a drug I take for sleep, see if that works. Last drug she gave me for pain,
resulted in dry heaves and nausea. They are pill pushers, biopharm trains docs in medical school to push drugs. Fact is
they do not consider the side effects. I had to do my own research, take action myself. I wont stop eating avocado to
reduce the potassium, but stop the drug. My daughter died and I had issues sleeping, now I try to drink bedtime tea, no

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