As an addendum to my post of my lipid profile yesterday, I must post this factual encounter with my cardiologist today.
I was given great kudos for my success with my “wfpbd” as it relates to my cardio vascular health and cholesterol profile.
That said, I asked “Why is this information not out in your lobby”? (Referring to the benefits of plant based diet). THE
RESPONSE! “It is not allowed and we wouldn’t make money and we wouldn’t be able to sell drugs”! As God as my witness this
was the response. This statement makes me quite angry!!!!
This is what the national discussion on health care should be!!!! This needs to be a major “agenda” issue for the 2020
election. Health care costs are out of control FROM GREED! JFK instituted mandatory P.E. for school kids in the early
1960’s. It is time that there is a national mandate to educate the public on the benefits of a plant based way of eating.
There are 20k plus followers here. Surely someone knows of an organization that is working towards this end. If not, then I
say I will start such an organization. This is ridiculous, pathetic, highly irresponsible, not to mention criminal and the
Medical System as an Industry should be taken to task for perpetuating such a sham! The beef, dairy, pharma industries be
damned (Really!) All of you here, can you just sit by and watch this happen? Some form of collective gathering on the steps
of congress needs to happen in 2018 and 2019 and then in 2020. This needs to be front and center for the safety of society.
Isn’t that in the constitution? I openly ask you to email me at to help organize this grass roots
beginning. (I have experience in this) My God people! This is literally a matter of life and death! It is time to take
action on this! Should I get little to no response, then that will speak reams as well.

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I believe that market forces can potentially shift the way that physicians practice. Perhaps a start might be to create a
WFPB Physicians Registry listing only those physicians who embrace prevention through WFPB education. PCRM seems to be a
natural place to start with this as it already has a sizeable subscriber base both for physicians and the public.

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