What would be a proper diet and exercise chart?


I am a girl of 24 years. I weigh 75kgs and I have a height of 5’6. I want to lose 10kgs in 3 months. What would be a proper diet and exercise chart?

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First of all I would like to say it won’t be easy to lose weight. But it is possible. And you can achieve it if you will be regular and smart with your diet and workout.

There are some thing you can add to your daily routine to complete your goal.

1- Add water to your diet 3–4 gallons

2- Take a protein rich diet approx 150gm protein.

3- take carbs so that your skin will not get loosen after weight loss.

4- add healthy fats in your diet.

5- Lift some weight in the gym.

6- Do cardio regularly.

7- And at last be regular.

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Keeping it simple here.
1.Eliminate sugar, white bread products, and white rice from your diet.
2. Switch to whole grains like oats, whole wheat, brown rice etc.
3. Increase your protein intake. Ideal count is 1gm per pound of your body weight. E.g if you weigh 150 pounds, you need 150 gms of protein everyday.
4. Go for lean protein sources like chicken breast, egg whites, fish, cottage cheese, soy nuggets, black beans, chick peas etc
5. Consume essential healthy fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Flax seeds, and fish are a good source.
6. Keep yourself hydrated. 4-5 litres of water everyday.
7. Have a cheat meal once a week. Remember, it’s just one cheat meal. Not binge eating throughout the day. Keep your cheat meal high in carbs, and low in fat. This will replenish your glycogen levels, and enhance fat burning for the next week.
8. Replace regular cooking oil with olive oil or rice bran oil.
9. EXERCISE regularly. This is very important. You cannot achieve your target only by dieting. Exercise daily or at least 5 days a week.
10. Start making changes in your lifestyle like taking the stairs, walking to nearby destinations instead of taking the car/bike.
The reason being, increased activity level results in increased metabolism, subsequently resulting in enhanced fat burning.

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Get up early at morning and have an exercise of 45 minutes. cardio activities like jogging, running, walking, swimming and cycling are good. If you increase the intensity of these workouts you will be able to lose more weight than slow pace cardio. HIIT/ weight lifting is more effective than cardio for weight loss and the reason is that by this you can burn more calories than mere cardio. Opt for 45 minutes of cardio on one day and on the second-day spare same time for HIIT and weight lifting. By this way, you will be able to get the benefits of both cardio and weight lifting for weight loss.

Drink 03- 05 cups of green tea on daily basis. Green tea has potent antioxidant ingredient, The Catechin, the protects your body from wear and tear of free radicals, helps in prevention of oxidative stress and also purifies your body. These all benefits go in favour of a healthy weight loss.

Eat more vegetables, low-calorie fruits and green leafy, By these foods, you will get enough fibres, which are the ultimate solution for weight loss.

Avoid processed food, soda drinks, junk food and packed juices. These contain more sugar and fat and will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Take proper sleep of 09 hours on daily basis and avoid stress.

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Hey that’s great to learn about your weight loss goal. Keeping weight off always helps. Few more tips for your weight loss:

  1. calculate your daily calorie intake / requirements
  2. reduce 500Kcals from your daily intake. (simply cut down 2 servings of cereals from lunch and dinner plus reduce sugar consumption)
  3. Exercise daily for 1 hour.
  4. Restrict desserts, bakery products including biscuits and cakes etc,
  5. Include 3 fresh fruits in daily diet
  6. Add 1 bowl salad in lunch and dinner.
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Losing weight is a very personal thing. Any program to lose weight should take into your account your lifestyle and sensitivity to any food.

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